Weekend Recap

speaking of Blah Blah Blah's....

that was it...
Blah blah blah.

I need a bed. a day off. a Dr. Pepper.


or Lexapro.

Whichever can be prescribed quicker.

I'm in a crankypants state.

it has something to do with the idea of losing your identity.

I'm not saying I'm losing my identity.
But lots of things have got me thinking.

As I smoothed out my hair...yes, my hair, with the tips of my fingers, I gasped out loud, in the realization that so many things have come to pass.

where is the line of your makeover and your takeover?

where is the line between the things you've wanted to change and have, and the things that have changed on their own and kind of crept up on ya?

change is good.

we need evolution to prevent extinction.

but sometimes the line is so thin. so waiferly thin that you are practically skating on thin ice.

and deep down inside you know you'll fall through.

I know if may seem like a bit of a ramble. But seems everything is in constant change. I probably had never noticed it until now. Where were you last year at this same exact date and timeslot?? What were you doing?

Me? Recently divorced, coming back from Florida, dating "A" and having no clue as to what to want for me and my life.

Funny how much a few months can change things.

Some people state that not all change is good. That when you, "me" or "we" change, we are selling out. Usualy this happens when the change is good.

You don't usually see people complaining about how you've changed when things are messed up.

And that's when you drift.
that's when you don't know how much is much.
how much change is coming from you, and how much is induced.

how much of your identity do you want to compromise for this change?
how much are you willing to pay to get to the spot where you 'wish' or 'think' you should be or deserve?

yes. I'm rambling.
but my brain has been on full head on ramble mode.

I've noticed all the changes around me and it has got me thinking, how many people and situations are changing simply because people want them to, and how many are changing simply because 'we' feel obligated to change them?

My mom has left my dad. That change was because she wanted to.
My brother quit his job unexpectedly and went to go work with his girlfriend. In part I think he wanted to, but I think part of this change was induced, by people telling him that 'change is good'.

Miss C is off to a new school. This whole scenario is completely induced. I'd keep her in that school forever and ever and ever...but everyone confirms that once again 'change is good'.

change is good.

change is good.....

how has change been good to you?

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