I just saw the video.

The video of the police officer executing a man on the floor.

A man who was on his way to a sweet 15.

What you see is a man on the floor struggling with an officer and after the officer shoots him once, he shoots him twice more. Then the police all walk away.

He died.
A father of three.

I had to contain myself from crying.
It was the most hurtful thing I have seen in my entire life.

I had to stop and pray.

For his family, for ours and for what lies ahead.
I prayed that God may grant serenity and justice to this family.

I pray for this Island, where those who are put to serve and protect are doing just the opposite.

I have never been a fan of the Law Enforcement....and this just gives me more reasons to not become one.

Maybe it is true, that this man didn't speak to the police officer in the most efficient manner, and in the struggle the police officer's gun went off, shooting the officer in the thigh, at which point the officer pulls the gun out of his holster shoots the man, who is on the ground by the way...and not content with that...shoots him two more times.....THE MAN WAS UNARMED.


The saddest part....
That the officer who did this will probably come out unharmed.

And a family has lost it's provider, father, grandfather, son and husband.

If you dare, here is the video...

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