The Cheese Line

So, I'm almost unemployed. My work hours have been drastically cut down to 20 hours per week, forcing me to solicit unemployment and other government aids, which I loathe, until I can find another job.

So, yesterday was my first official half day of work. After work I had in mind to stop by the Government Health Plan office and put Miss C on the Health Insurance, since I can no longer afford to pay her $200 a month private insurance.

I arrived at 12:30, made number 72 and they were on number 51.

I thought I might actually commit murder there.

Ongoing conversations of illness, coughing...rude employees...totally hell.

This one lady was telling me how when she lived in New York a man told her that for $5 he would suck something.

Only that she didn't say something, she named the part he would suck. And it wasn't a lemon.

One of the employees kept telling the little old ladies in canes to move faster when their names were called.

And at 2pm, they were still at number 62.

When they finally called my number, to which I literally sprung to the door to get away from the lady who was telling me she was remodeling her kitchen with Apple Decor, I was greeted by a lady who looked like she could summon death.

"Why are you here?"
Because I have no other important things to do, like let's say...find a job.
"Because I need to add my child to my insurance, now that my work hours have been cut off".
"Why wasn't she on the insurance to begin with"
"Because your insurance sucks and I could afford a private one".
"So you no longer can afford it?"
"No ma'am"
"So she doesn't have insurance?"

What part of NO INSURANCE did you NOT GET??

"No ma'am".
"Does she receive child support?"
"Well she has to be put on a separate insurance, because she receives an income".
"An income??? her child support is an income??"
(to which she rolled her eyes, like I'm supposed to know this crap.
She continued.
"I need for you to bring evidence of your income for the past three months".
"But for the past three months I was working full time, that makes no sense if I am soliciting a revision due to my fewer work hours".
"Do you want your revision in May?"
"Then bring those documents. If you want bring an unemployement letter. I'm thirsty".
"But how can you revise my case if you are going to be using my past three months income? It makes no sense".
"You date is May 27. Good afternoon".

What the FUDGE???

When I got in the car, this is what they asked to revise my case:

-Telephone, Cable or Electricity Bill with my name, as proof of residence.
-Letter from employer
-Social Security(which they have)
-Birth Certificate (which they have)

But alas, they sound all very reasonable.

Look what they asked for Miss C's case:

-Telephone, Cable or Electricity Bill with her name, as proof of residence.
-Social Security
-Birth Certificate
-Letter of Employer
-Voting Card or Driver's License as proof of ID

I got home almost at 4pm.
Nice way to spend my first day off.


As I drive off to work, my daughter, has yet another party.

Today it's a pijama party.

Lucky dog.

but as the spongebob cd would say: "Everybody Everybody Everybody, has to do something they don't wanna do...."

Amen to that brother...

So, alas, enjoy the lil' ray of sunshine Miss C is in today and have a great weekend!!



I am not looking for 'singles just like you', neither do I want to 'find my perfect match', mate or any other hellish word for 'man' you guys feel necessary to use.

I am not single, don't plan to be anytime go raid Vader's email.

Cheery O my Chap

Miss C has a way with words. Her Spanish not so good, she doesn't get the order and symantics of certain stuff; but her English, my Lord, her English is borderline perfect, I'd say even better than mine.

"Mother, did you know breakfast is a very important meal?"
"Mother, what did I tell you this morning? That we must be on our way to school now".
"Mother, do you know what?"
"You are my very best friend. Now drive".

She has a wonderful way with words.

In other spectacular news...I saw a WHOLE game last night. A WHOLE GAME WITH NO INTERRUPTIONS.

Miss C stayed over Vader's and I got to watch a game. A game we won!

It's the little things in life that are grand


In other non-related things.
Wednesday's we go to Vader's. Always. Everyone.
Bro, Gal, Miss C, True, my cousin and my Aunt.

We always sit,eat, make jokes, play boardgames, etc.

We talk about all sorts of stuff, politics, news, politics...

We had a few weeks ago talked about the Digital Era and how come Feb. 2009 everyone goes digital. Here in Puerto Rico, some boxes are going to be available for those who need them in order to watch digital tv.

So it seems my cousin (older adult cousin) is fixated on this and every single Wednesday for the past 9 years, all he talks about is this.

He doesn't just talk about it...he interrupts our conversations on other subjects to mention the damn Box and the Damn digital thing.

"So...did you hear that Hilary won the primary in so and so state yesterday?"
"Yes....I was also reading about the next primary state..."
"...did you guys know that the Box is gonna be available one per family".



"So, did you read about the Columbian Guerilla, that are demanding the government to free some members so that they can free their hostages..."
"Yes, I believe they are asking to free..."

::cut right the crap off::

"..did you know that the stars are complaining because with the digital era, their blemishes are gonna be more visible".

Jeeeeeeeeeeesuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuussssssssssss, these people don't use maybelline or covergirl...they have industrial makeup artists...get over it...

"So, how's Miss C doing in school?"
"Well..they were telling me the other days that she..."
" I get "I am legend", I didn't get that movie until this morning"

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this goes on, ALL NIGHT LONG.

I have to contain myself from the urge of wanting to hit him with a Digital Box over his head, because all he talks about is Boxes, and Cable and his nonsense commentary.

What do your relatives do that suck the joy out of your life?

Weekend Recap in Pics

Social Awareness on Autism at our Island's Capital, Sun in the Fun and tons of friends and music!

How was your weekend!

Tag your it

I was Gnightgirl

Here goes:

The assignment: Write Your Own 6-word Memoir

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Love life, shoes, baseball and family!!!!

I tag: Yoly, Caro
and Noemi

We all like to win

I got to say it, I'm a sour loser...

But on the other hand, I'm a fabulous winner!!

Not only did we win yesterday, but it was a 15 to 9 win...

Against BOSTON!!!

It was in fact my dears a long ass game with a bottom of the 4th that lasted like 20 minutes and a 5th inning that went into to almost an hour.

But it was all worth it.
Especially at a home game.

Tonight it might be a little tougher...Becket is pitching for Boston and Mussina (yuck) for the Yankees...

Did I mention I am in love with Joe Girarldi??
I wonder if he reads my blog?

Weekend Kickass

What do you want me to recap...??

That we lost this weekend series to Boston??? That we got our asses kicked.
That some dumb ass buried a Boston Jersey in the New Yankee Stadium to curse it, a la Bambino Style..?

That Miss C was so so behaved and that I was my cheery ol' self.

That my new nickname is "Little Miss Sunshine" (insert sarcasm here)
That I refused to do my hair all weekend long.
That I was a speaker at an Autism Conference held at a Mormon Church.

That I need some serious sleep.

That Miss C was being taught at sunday school all about the last supper and they gave them bread to eat and when they told her the grapejuice was the blood of Christ, she almost died...

"NOOOOOOO I don't drink Blood....NO Jesus blood!!!" insert gargling...throat noises here...

That later in the day she complained her arm hurt and I told her we would chop it off (sorry...we Puertorricans have a dark sense of humor) and she went haywire holding her arm because she thought I wasn't joking.

The kid is literal.
Bloody luck.

Did I mention the serious sleep part??
Did I mention we lost 2 out of 3 games?
That I sat with my yankees cap and screamed at the tv for almost 3 hours.
That I have a crush with Yankees new manager Giraldi...I think he's cute, not too competent, but cute.

We women, always suckers for suckers.

What have u been up to?


I really don't feel like talking about baseball right now...

I prefer a much more interesting topic like the oh so famous lobotomy performed early on in psychiatry or shock therapy...hell, talk to me about plants....Plants are just fab!

we lost last night.
Shut up.

can't ask for much, huh?

"Jesuschrist Miss C all you think about is EATING EATING EATINGGGG!!"


Ok, at least she said reading, right?

mending hearts

And for you Miss C...

Those girls who didn't want to sit at lunchtime with you and who broke your tiny heart (and mine too) don't know what they are missing...

We can be each other's best friends for as long as you like and we can play all the silly games you adore, we can pretend to be sea turtles and birds and fish and we can dance all wiggly all day long!!!

luv ya.


It’s April.
It’s that time of the year again.

No, not taxes.

It’s the month of Autism Awareness.

You’d think a month would make a difference in some of our lives.

The fact of the matter is, that a month doesn’t cover it.

But here goes what I would like to accomplish this months.

I’m daydreaming folks, so bare with me.

I would like for people to think before they spoke.

Let me explain.
I would love to go out and have Miss C behave to the tee.
Sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn’t.
She usually does the latter.
That’s OUR reality.

I would love to go out and people not stare at us like if we were something odd, like Miss C was some kind of E.T. I would love for them not to make comments on how poorly disciplined my daughter is, or how I suck as a mom for letting her get away with ‘murder’. I would love for people to not say things like:

“Damn, if she were my kid, I’d give her a good spanking so she’d straighten up”

I would love for people to not judge my emotional state, which varies in these situations from
“neutral-i-don’t-care-I’m-gonna-run-myerrands” to “I’m-so-sick-of-this-sh*t-whacha-lookin-at” to


I would like to use my handicap quick checkout card and have people not say:

“What type of handicap does SHE have?”

I would love for people to wipe off the faces of horror when Miss C throws herself on the floor and see my indifference.

God forbid I let her do that and not act out and do something. I would love for people to mind their own business and stop handing out spectacular advice on how to take care and discipline my child, because in their humble opinion, “she doesn’t have anything, it’s just pure nonsense”.

This goes out to my neighbor who in recent days made me bring on the rain, to shut her ass up.

I would love people to not look at me with those eyes of: “Poor kid, that’ why they get pregnant? I bet she beats that kid”.

I would love for them not to look at my daughter with pity, like that school photographer who said, in my presence, “poor kids…they just reek with pity, don’t they?”

I would love for them to not look at my daughter with eyes of disgust, because they think she is spoiled or misbehaved.

I would love for my neighbor to shut her trap up and not call my daughter “stuck up” because she doesn’t say hi, every time that old hag wants her to.

If you want a trained pup, get a Maltese.

I would love for people to stop and think:
“Geeze, maybe something’s wrong, maybe there is something I don’t know about, maybe they are going through a tough time, or the kid has some type of problem”.

Instead of talking, I would love them to shut up.

Like Vader taught me: “Quiet you look lovely”.

Or like they say: “if ya’ aint’ got nothing nice to say, don’t say nothing nice at all”.

I would love so many things.

Like a World Series title before the Yankees have to say goodbye to their old stadium.

But that looks difficult.
The previous situation is even more difficult.

But I’ll keep on stopping them in their tracks…I’ll keep leaving them with their jaws to the floor and disoriented eyes, because sometimes I’m tired of their ignorance and think just like them:

It’s pure nonsense.

And it’s sad ya’ know, because today it’s me, but tomorrow it can be the same person who judged my daughter and thought she was a spoiled brat.

In the meantime, I’ll keep doing what I need to do. My life cannot stop because Miss C is cranky. I can’t stop going to the bank or supermarket because people give us hard looks, gotta keep on living and keep on spreading the Word.

weekend mlb

Haven't had time to see any games...which is rather fortunate, since we have been sucking hardcore...

We won yesterday, but I was busy, doing nothing, so I couldn't watch....

Important thing though...Boston lost...

So I can at least reavel in that...

When OCD is too much

Something happened this morning that all parents of children with Autism fear....


Imminent, horrifying, danger.

Some of our children have no real understanding of danger and situations where danger can lead to diaster...

This morning as I was getting Miss C out of the Van, (I was parked on the street near the school), her toy Pet Shop figurine fell in the lane of a heavily flooded avenue and she yanked away from my hand and went out to fetch it.

I flung around in terror as the corner of my eye saw my daughter kneel down in the middle of the street to grab her toy...and as she screamed "My lizard!!" I screamed even harder "Miss CCCCC!!!"

No cars were coming.

Only God knows what would have happened then.

I yanked her and scolded her all the way to the classroom.

Her only response:

"My toy lizard!!"

She didn't get it.
She didn't get she was kneeled in the middle of the main avenue.

She didn't get that I almost died of a heart attack and now think: what will happen when I don't turn around in time...? ain't great

It would be just my luck that the game that they DO give on ESPN, they lose.

I'm just praying this isn't some kind of God given sign of how the season is gonna look like.

I also pray the NBA finals and all the NCAA games end quickly...

I tried to watch the opener on Tuesday and surprise suprise, women playing basketball.

I'm all for the women, but not right now.

We'll see how it turns out.

Smell the Turf

The only thing I'm interested in right now: Baseball

The Yankee's opener was yesterday in the afternoon.
Yesterday during work hours.

But it rained and it got cancelled.

Tonight they play at 7:30pm. I'll be home, wearing the brand spanking new baseball cap my bro gave me for my birthday.

I'm also checking dates and flights cuz I'm going to New York to see a game. Don't know how just yet, but I'm going.

Ahhh..::sniff sniff:: ain't the smell of turf intoxicating???

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