Back to School

It's that time of year again: Back to Hell. I mean, err, school.

Here's my list of things I hate about back to school:

1. Traffic
2. School material lists: notebooks, crayons, mops, brooms, toilet paper, microwaves...(ok...they haven't officially asked for a microwave, but I can smell it coming.
3. Stupid ludicrous homework assignments, like take a 4 hour drive to interview the mayor of some small town, his wife and Nana.

yeah, that bad.

So anyways, after a hearty breakfast and a goodnight sleep, we hit the hay at 8pm, we made our way to school.
Lucky for us traffic was light and we got there early.
We met the new teachers and headed out to wait outside in the hall for the bell to ring.

After some much mingling in the halls, we realized Miss C's old classmates, specifically her best buddies, were not going to her same classroom. She was stuck in classroom with Bratz-Disney-Princesses loving girls.

Not really her crowd.

After a while of waiting, the inevitable came. Miss C got restless. It was hot, she was standing, she was eager to go to school. Hope that enthusiasm stays until College.

She starts to whine.

8:20 first bell rings.

Her principle comes out, mic in hand, which is bad sign since she is a ham for the stage.

She starts talking, except you can't hear anything because her voice is lost in the open space. It was something about school rules, buses, a meeting, etc.

8:30 second bell rings.

The flags come out, they sing the Anthems.

8:35 The principle decides to break out into a little song and dance routine.

Miss C decides to join her in her own version of the song: "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah I wanna go to the class...Waahh make her shut up".

She is sweaty, crying, her hair is a mess and I can feel sweat rolling down my back.
I wanted to grab Barbara Streisand and beat her to a pulp.

At 8:40 she shut up.

We had been in school since 7:30am.

Miss C dragged her book bag with 9 notebooks and several sanitary products (I hate germs) to her class.

I stood there and watched.

In fear. At 12 pm all the kids are let out to the yard for a full hour of mayhem.

With no direct supervision.
A mom I know volunteered to keep an eye out on Miss C.
I still wasn't so reassured.

Her Phys. Ed teacher yelled out: "Hey this isn't an airport, she's going to a classroom, not boarding a plane".

Everyone in that school outta be on Leno.

I left praying that all will turn out fine.
So that's it.

I guess I'm gonna turn into one of those moms, the ones that spend their day on the school premises talking about gossip...instead I'll talk about baseball.

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