So, yesterday the School Book Fair began; which essentially is Nerd Heaven for Miss C and me.

Did I ever tell you we are book freaks??
Did I ever mention that Miss C, just like her mommy, has a HUGE collection of books and just can’t ever get enough?

Well anyhow, we spent the weekend looking over the little book fair pamphlet and had already made our order. So we decided to go in early to school to buy the books before the bell rang. We felt like we had died and went to heaven. The selection was awesome. Miss C immediately targeted her books: “Teacher’s Pet” and “Skippyjon Jones in Mummy Trouble”, but she also put her eyes on some book making kits and “I Spy” books. I on the other hand, quickly put my eyes on a Mo Williems book. I have always loved this award winning kids author but had never gotten around to actually buying some of his books and there in between Spongebob and Diego, was “Let me Drive the Bus!!”, one of his Pigeon Series books, for ONE DOLLAR!!!! ONE DOLLAR!!!

I immediately yanked it off the shelf.

After school, homework and some arts and crafts, we took our baths and settled in for some bed time reading. Of course, Miss C wanted urgently to read the Pigeon Book.

The Pigeon Series is about a stubborn as a mule Pigeon who wants to kind of always get his way and on top of all that has a real bad attitude when he can’t.  Williems books all have funny little quirky caracters intended to teach you a lesson.

I think we might share the same last name.

This particular book is about him wanting to drive the bus. The bus driver instructs the reader, that no matter what the Pigeon tells you, you should not let him drive the bus. The Pigeon of course, waits till the driver leaves and starts badgering the reader to be allowed to drive the bus…he stammers, he begs, he even bribes the reader with five bucks. In the end, he gets to upset, so mad, he throws himself on the floor, eyes bulging and red and screams at the top of his lungs: “LET ME DRIVE THE BUS!!”.

Now he's Autistic too.

Miss C was rolling on the bed. She thought he was hilarious. I, of course, explained to her that his actions were no good and that when an adult said you can’t do something you should obey this. Because after all, Pigeons, like children, cannot drive buses. She agreed. And all was well.

The next morning she asked for more money for more books. Addict in the most horrible way. I told her my funds on books were short, so she suggested she take the money out of her piggy bank, to which I agreed. But I explained to her, that she should purchase her book at recess and not open it during class. She agreed.

We got to school, late, as usual, and as I walked her up the stairs and passed the library (where the Book Fair) is being held, she yelled out: “Hey, my book, I wanna get my book”.

“Did you forget what we agreed on?”
“But, But, But, oh momma, oh please…please”.

Great. My very own Pigeon.
Art imitating life.

She screamed, she told me I was mean, bad, she stammered into class.
I put my foot down and in front of the class and teacher I laid the rules, “You don’t behave, there will be no more purchasing of books, you hear me?”

Now when did you ever think that taking away books would be a punishment??

She simmered down…pouted and sent me on my way. I gave instructions for no books if this carried on throughout the day.

And as I walked away to my car, I couldn’t help but laugh, almost out loud. Because even though this Pigeon is from Brooklyn, in every town, on every island, deep down inside I think, from time to time, we too, wanna drive the bus.

What bus do you wanna drive?


There was a last minute super secret meeting conjured up yesterday at 7pm at Miss C's school. I have never once been asked to go to a school meeting at night on a school night but I guess they had some urgency. I of course, with many things on my plate, decided I'd do what any responsable mother would do: PRIORITIZE

And of course, beating out evil plush toys with super girl, her bionic arms and my KAPLAOWEE construction paper cuffs, was FAR MORE IMPORTANT. 


She met me through the Internet. We exchanged numbers and quickly sparked a friendship. She'd write to me a few times in the day or call and we would talk about anything she'd like. She was near my age, close to my area and also happened to have Aspergers.


She was desperate to meet me and when the chance arrived that her parents could take her to the church I attend this Sunday she was estatic.

She had mentioned how happy she was and how grateful she was to have connected with me, Yoly and some other gals.

I was happy I could make a difference.

Her parents dropped her off, but not without before meeting me and leaving reassured that we would make her feel right at home. I had given a previous heads up to my congregation and everyone was genuinely excited.

She arrived with a letter, chocolates and a small gift. I was deeply touched. During the service she clapped, sang and held my hand...we also shared a few hugs along the way.

At some point in the service the Pastor asked if anyone needed prayer for any condition or sickness. I told her I would be right back, since I wanted prayer for Miss C, since she had been battling a horrible cough/allergy and fever the night before.

As I was standing, I felt someone besides me. It was her. I asked if she was allright to which she nodded. I asked if she had stood up for prayer and she nodded. After they prayed for Miss C, the Pastor's prayed for her. She began to cry...they told her how special she was, not special because of her condition, special because God had made her and God doesn't make unspecial people. They spoke words of encouragement and of love. She cried and held onto my hand.

After everything was over, we went to eat. They had lunch at church yesterday and everyone was so nice to her. She was beaming with happiness. We spoke, we laughed, we had a great time.

I spoke to her parents and agreed to drop her off at a close mall, since they were there shopping. Her mom came up to me and I told her we had had a great time and that if they needed me for anything or if my new friend needed to give me a call, I was more than available. Her mom, started to cry, right there in the store. She told me with a huge smile how much this had meant to all of them. How much it had meant that we gals, all of us, had been so nice to her daughter and have decided to be her friends. We exchanged a huge hug...and everyone left smiling.

My day, year and month had been made.

Simply by being a friend.

Working Out

So...for those who follow sports, this weekend has proved to be my most favorite:

The Red Sux got eliminatd by Tampa Bay.

So if we didn't make it to the World Series, they aren't either.
Because I am selfish like that.

In other sports related news, Saturday I took Miss C to a new Sports League very near my house. It's a Special Education Sports League. Once a week they meet up at the park and excersise with a Adapted Phys. Ed. teacher and they rotate different sports for them to play.

I had told Miss C we were going to the park.
She was amused at first, but her amusement converted into total dismay once she realized that the 'park' she thought she was going to was actually a mini boot camp.

They made them jog in place, excersise all parts of their body and jog/walk around the park twice.

We quit after the first lap, since Miss C kept screaming: "This isn't the park!! My bones hurt!!!"

Well, for the first time in my Mommy life, I totally agree. We waited it out and then they were taken to play soccer and baseball.

Miss C true to her genes, connected a hit and tried to run the bases, problem was, that so were the rest of the players and no one had any idea where to go.

Funny and delightful. And above all: FREE.

So we'll see if next week she has got the right stuff and can join some team...(I'm secretly hoping it's baseball).

In the meantime we'll enjoy these nice mornings with the rest of the special kids and have a dandy time...even if it means sweatin' in parts I never knew I had.

Never saw it coming

So I’ve been missing in action.

I guess I have.

This weekend was the most wasted weekend in my life. What started as a laid back weekend, with a nice quick dinner and movie night, ended up in hell.

Attitudes clashed, feelings were hurt and on Saturday I made my way back home, alone. No True in tow.

On Sunday the battle for whohastheworseattitude continued and in an unprecedented move, unexpected by anyone, I broke up with him.

Like that, over the phone, done, kaput.

Two years down the drain.

I was tired, he was tired. Both unhappy. Neither willing to settle down. Me tired of having to sound all the time like the crazy psycho girlfriend who just pulls things out of her ass, True tired of being the laid back boyfriend taking it all in.

Failure to communicate.

The week began with the uncomfortable task of giving back things that lingered in each other’s houses…books, cd’s, etc.

Uncomfortable text messages, messenger chats…because that’s how messed up we are. We cannot carry on a decent conversation on the phone or in person.

I spent the week at Empress, cuddling my niece, relaxed. I wasn’t upset one bit, no tears, no nothing. I have no idea what that lack of feeling means.

He then sparked up my anger by removing his ‘engaged’ status on the ever so public facebook, ignoring my previous plea of being discreet and not making this a public announcement.

He went from “engaged” to “single” to “it’s complicated”. I went to no status at all.

I dodged questions from fellow facebook friends. My status is no longer for public consumption, even if I ever get back with True again or any one else.

We’ve spoken this week, even had lunch. Civilized. Shared some nice things.

I don’t know where we stand. I don’t know if we stand at all. And I don’t think I even care to know. Things are as he best described: complicated.

And my main focus is trying to get myself back, catch up on some good books and major aunt and niece bonding…everything else will just have to find it’s way back if it can….when ever it can…if it will.

But I’m good.

One more

Meet the new female of the family...born on October 2nd to a very very proud Empress and an even prouder brand new aunt, I present you Kamila:

"Doctor I have brought in my pet Flamingo"
"Oh I see, now what seems to be the problem?"
"Well, it just can't stop jumping up and down..."

She then throws the plush toy in the up and up into the swirling ceiling fan, causing it to fly and land across the room with a thump.

"Well, it seems you no longer have a problem. It's dead".


Why I can't play the patient:

"Doctor!!! Doctor!!!! My penguin is dying!!!! DO SOMETHING!!"

I then shake the poor Miss C out of her wits...blame it on General Hospital.

She gives me one stern look and says: "Lady, you are gonna have to calm down, really".

So, we're playing make belive. I'm a vet and she brings me her "pets" to be cured.

It's fun being the vet, because I can sit on my butt all afternoon and take lunch breaks.

She brings in her "hurt puppy".

I immediately took care of it and just as she was exiting my "office", she turned around to say goodbye and she let one rip right there...

She looked shocked.

I said what any respectable Vet would say:

"You better get back her and let me cure you too...and your underwear".

She giggled..."That's a good one, that's a good one".

"Taste this medicine...It tastes like cupcakes", Miss C said.

"Why thank you doctor...some medicine makers should take up on that flavor".

things that suck

So why have I not said anything about baseball?

Because right now it's been sucking for me....The Yankees didn't stand a chance and other New York team got pushed out...Right now I'm rooting for Chi Town...the Cubs to e exact...

And speaking of things that suck...

Mister Maker does.

And Miss C is obsessed.

He does all kinds of arts and crafts with things I do not have randomly lying around my house...or things that are way too messy to do without adult supervision...

The other days he did a spider, with cotton balls and q-tips...we were at Vader's...

Vader didn't have glue or paint, or cotton balls...

Miss C was devastated...

I'm dropping off an art kit at Vader's on Friday...

let her deal with that...

that's what grandma's are for.

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