Working Out

So...for those who follow sports, this weekend has proved to be my most favorite:

The Red Sux got eliminatd by Tampa Bay.

So if we didn't make it to the World Series, they aren't either.
Because I am selfish like that.

In other sports related news, Saturday I took Miss C to a new Sports League very near my house. It's a Special Education Sports League. Once a week they meet up at the park and excersise with a Adapted Phys. Ed. teacher and they rotate different sports for them to play.

I had told Miss C we were going to the park.
She was amused at first, but her amusement converted into total dismay once she realized that the 'park' she thought she was going to was actually a mini boot camp.

They made them jog in place, excersise all parts of their body and jog/walk around the park twice.

We quit after the first lap, since Miss C kept screaming: "This isn't the park!! My bones hurt!!!"

Well, for the first time in my Mommy life, I totally agree. We waited it out and then they were taken to play soccer and baseball.

Miss C true to her genes, connected a hit and tried to run the bases, problem was, that so were the rest of the players and no one had any idea where to go.

Funny and delightful. And above all: FREE.

So we'll see if next week she has got the right stuff and can join some team...(I'm secretly hoping it's baseball).

In the meantime we'll enjoy these nice mornings with the rest of the special kids and have a dandy time...even if it means sweatin' in parts I never knew I had.

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