She met me through the Internet. We exchanged numbers and quickly sparked a friendship. She'd write to me a few times in the day or call and we would talk about anything she'd like. She was near my age, close to my area and also happened to have Aspergers.


She was desperate to meet me and when the chance arrived that her parents could take her to the church I attend this Sunday she was estatic.

She had mentioned how happy she was and how grateful she was to have connected with me, Yoly and some other gals.

I was happy I could make a difference.

Her parents dropped her off, but not without before meeting me and leaving reassured that we would make her feel right at home. I had given a previous heads up to my congregation and everyone was genuinely excited.

She arrived with a letter, chocolates and a small gift. I was deeply touched. During the service she clapped, sang and held my hand...we also shared a few hugs along the way.

At some point in the service the Pastor asked if anyone needed prayer for any condition or sickness. I told her I would be right back, since I wanted prayer for Miss C, since she had been battling a horrible cough/allergy and fever the night before.

As I was standing, I felt someone besides me. It was her. I asked if she was allright to which she nodded. I asked if she had stood up for prayer and she nodded. After they prayed for Miss C, the Pastor's prayed for her. She began to cry...they told her how special she was, not special because of her condition, special because God had made her and God doesn't make unspecial people. They spoke words of encouragement and of love. She cried and held onto my hand.

After everything was over, we went to eat. They had lunch at church yesterday and everyone was so nice to her. She was beaming with happiness. We spoke, we laughed, we had a great time.

I spoke to her parents and agreed to drop her off at a close mall, since they were there shopping. Her mom came up to me and I told her we had had a great time and that if they needed me for anything or if my new friend needed to give me a call, I was more than available. Her mom, started to cry, right there in the store. She told me with a huge smile how much this had meant to all of them. How much it had meant that we gals, all of us, had been so nice to her daughter and have decided to be her friends. We exchanged a huge hug...and everyone left smiling.

My day, year and month had been made.

Simply by being a friend.

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