Weekend Recap

Don't talk to me about baseball right now.

We suck.

Ya' Happy???

I have now started to watch the NBA playoffs, to prevent a minor stroke from ocurring.


Saturday was the Conference I was scheduled to go with True. Lots of important information was handed out, plenty of new parents arrived, I got to meet some new parents, starting the hard journey of Autism and it's always so great to share stories and deliver hope to them....

True and I had a good time. There were plenty of parents, teachers (including Miss C's) and therapists there. We had to leave early though because Miss C was starting to lose it, lose it as in running on stage, or to the bathroom, and we also had True's B-day bash later on.


After dashing to get a cake, taking showers and having a quick bite to eat, we headed out to the party.

I'm not giving many details, let's just say Miss C fell asleep, I lay next to her in a separate room and kind of felt compeltely left out and disregarded the rest of the evening, also add in the factor of 4 hours of sleep and that'll really get me going.

I lay there with Miss C and I wondered if anyone in the other room had noticed I was missing. If I would have died, I probably would have not been found until the next morning when my body would be missing from service.

I was only summoned by True when he wanted me to rap. I declined. But at the request of the other people I rapped a few bars and made my way to cut the cake and go back to being invisible.

I finally made my way to a bed around 3am..to get up at 8am for church.

We left church at about 1pm to make our way to Plaza Las Americas (our largest Mall) where True was scheduled to play at a local Hip Hop Store.

He went to set up, while I was left to find a parking space in the most Hellish Mall on this planet...did I mention that I hate that mall?????

Sometimes being the girlfriend of someone like that is hard.

Me and Miss C were tired and kind of have had enough Hip Hop for one weekend.

We decided to go window shopping as True played and I decided to indulge in Godiva chocolates, because frankly, I deserved them....

What I didn't deserve:

The $7.77 price tag for three bon bon's, and a chocolate covered marshmallow stick...

We ended the afternoon with dinner at Ponderosa and a nap at his place.

Today: me and his parents are throwing our own bday bash for True (today is the official date), something intimate, where we can all feel participants in....

Tomorrow we hit up a local college campus...and Wednesday...

Or how I want Wednesday!!!

I'm off...

I work..but there are no activities set up for the night...

So I can do nothing....

for a full afternoon...

and maybe watch another game where we suck...

The end..

There are small children in my boss' house.

The end is near.

last place

We are in last place.
we have a three game series with Boston, again.

at home.

pray people.

and the Beat goes on...

Wednesday was The Beats Expo...a hip hop event at a local college campus...

We were invited.

To perform.

Performances always make me hellanervous...but...I try to keep it together long enough so I won't barf on stage....

We arrived there early..about 2 hours before our stage time..to chill out, feel the crowd...etc. etc...

Lots of friendly familiar faces, like DJ Predator, who had just had his lip pierced and was carrying a bottle of mouthwash all day long..and it was the star of many of our pictures...

We also had the opportunity to meet DJ Lou Demo...a very well known turntablist...who I managed to grab some cool videos of...

He was so humble and so nice and sooo down to earth..even with all his accomplishments..that me and True immediatlely fell in love....

We exchanged numbers and promised to hook up in the nearby future...

So...as I was sitting there waiting for True to finish his DJ set...yes..he got a chance to play..which wasn't in the plans..but I was glad he did...cause he wanted to do so, very badly...

I was sitting with a friend..when...


showed up.

The Friend.

but she showed like incognito...cause when I looked up she was already next to True...

She glanced over..saw me and went to say "Hi".

I was polite said hi..and proceeded to keep talking to my pals..

She sat on the floor, asked me a question about some of the performers of the event...I answered and that was that.

If ya' thought I'd be hanging out with ya...ya' dead wrong.

So after True's gig..we were on....

We rocked it!!
So bad it wasn't even funny...but bad as in good...

We performed during lunch time, so there was lots of folks in the hallway...
People nodded..lifted up hands...cheered and sang with us...

It was awesome...
It was even more awesome seeing our Pastor and friends there supporting..

Need I say, that The Friend was there with a blank expression..and later I saw her reading a magazine through our show...

hmmm? I wonder where her support went..

After our show..she dissapeared...

And several people approached us to congratulate us and invite us to other activities and churches...

It was great when True said: We are not Christian Rappers, we are Christians who are in the Hip Hop scene...

It was so great....

And after that we stayed and chilled with the people...our friends..had some snacks and left to pick up Miss C...

But our day didn't end there...we went to church for a Business Conference they were having and eventually called it a day around midnight when we were snacking on our Snack wraps and coke...

It was Good.

Real Good.

Our days our booked all next week. We are going to several churches to perform for the youth and bring our message of life, hope and God to them....

I feel really blessed to be a part of this all and even though the weekend is gonna be hard....it's all well worth it...

Saturday we'll be attending a Conference sponsored by the Alianza de Autismo en Puerto Rico, about ABA and Sensory Integration. That is all day, then we head out to celebrate True's Birthday...he's having a big bash.

Sunday after church, True got invited to play at a store in Old San Juan....

So it's gonna be hectic..but it's gonna be great to start this journey with the people I love and share it with you guys..

I'm sappy.
I'll stop.

Enjoy the pics...

I don't wanna hear it...

I'll be back with the juicy details of my day yesterday..

but for now..

We are freakin' last in the American League Division....LAST!!!! and just guess who is rockin' FIRST PLACE...!!!??

Take a wild guess...

I'll be back after I disconnect myself from my oxygen tank...


"I got a text message from someone I don't know, let me call"

*dials number*

"Hello?...Oh Hi....yeah...when am I gonna be there? Wednesday..at 1pm...yeah, tell your boyfriend to take you...*chuckle chuckle*...your birthday is on Thursday?...ok..ok...I'll see if I can make it....take care".

It was The Friend.

calling True, while we were practicing.

To announce she was going to our show tomorrow and inviting him to eat Sushi with her on Saturday for her birthday.

In case you don't remember who is The Friend....go here
and here.

Why on earth is this child hellbent on making my life a living hell????

Why is True hellbent on letting this behavior continue?

"I'll see if I can make it???"

What do you mean if you can make it...?????????

"Oh..but I'm not gonna go...I don't eat Sushi".

What do you mean??? So, if you ate Sushi you would go?????


I've been patient. I've been quiet. I've talked about my feelings regarding this issue. I am not jealous. I am just very uncomfortable with this chick being all up in my grill...up on my boyfriend and acting like I don't even exist in the picture.

I am sick of True justifying her actions by saying: She has a boyfriend, do you want me to tell her that YOU don't want her to call me?? She is inviting me to go eat with a group of friends.

It's not about that.
It's about you realizing, you as in True, that YOU, as a man should see what's going on and say:

You know what Friend, I don't think it's very polite and respectful that you keep inviting me to hang out with you and leave my Fiancé out of the picture. I don't think it's nice that you don't even talk to her when you see her...that you don't even say "Hi".

But YOU just wanna put me in a position where it seems like I'm the mad-jealous bitch who just doesn't want You to talk to the Friend because I'm just jealous.

It ain't about that.

I've just about had it with this crap.

And to top it all off....she is going to his B-day party on Saturday...."Whee hee..of course I'm going!!" was her answer when the invite was sent.

I think I'm gonna vomit.

I mean let's be frank folks. In the places we (True and Me) hang out, one of his ex's is always around, and this girl couldn't be nicer. She says "Hi", is very respectful and I wouldn't say she is my best friend or anything, but she knows her limits....and she was an EX..

This chick didn't even go out with True.

I'm not expecting her to be my best friend...hell, I'm not expecting her to be my friend, period.
I'm expecting a little respect.

But she is like a total GROUPIE.

And then, he gets upset, because I am upset.
He says it's not his fault, so I shouldn't get angry with him.

Yeah. Maybe directly it's not your fault. But you have the power to make it stop.

and you've done nothing.

I'm pissed.
I'm mad as mad....

I've had to cover my mouth and pray so that all the foul language building up in my head doesn't pour out of my mouth.

I've had to tie my hands to prevent sending a nasty email that will make me look derranged and immature.

But tomorrow, tomorrow she'll be there.
Front row.

Cheering my Fiancé on.
WTF am I supposed to do?

How the heck not wanna jump off stage and beat her down with my mike????

How do I stop feeding this monster inside me that wants, demands, that something be done???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

it ain't gonna be an easy week.
i can feel it.

and my crossaint sandwich isn't holding down in my stomach.

*****Oh..I forgot to add..she is also here

it rains it pours.

Yeah. I'm a sore loser.

Boston kicked our asses like there was no tomorrow.

And it was all a case of losing focus at the last minute. We started winning all three games and ended up losing miserably.

On Friday, Aimée'sbrother, made a hit to help Boston win.

Aimée, congrats....
Even A-Rod who was on fire, couldn't do anything to help us win.

That really sucks.

Friday evening I spent my night watching us lose.
Saturday we went to go play at this youth camp....and I don't wanna toot my own horn, but we did good...
The crowd, about 200+, were amped, cheered and asked for an encore.

That's what I call a show.
Wednesday we are gonna play at a local College.

So, right now I'm trying to save my voice for the upcoming gigs.


Other than that....it's all been good....if you ignore the fact that's it's been raining all weekend and I would have much more prefered being at home sleeping and eating like a swine.


Since I couldn't take any pictures...obviosly with me performing it's kind of hard to do that....I'll provide with a few quotes from the weekend...

"...yeah...well put a quarter in me and I'll sing for the whole crowd".
(talk about selling out cheap)

"..um, Excuse me Miss, where are you going??"

"Um...(pointing to bathroom), to the bathroom"
"Ok, carry on".
(I really wanted to say I was gonna go smoke some weed behind the trees, but being that we were in a Church Youth Camp, I kinda felt they weren't gonna get the joke).

"Mommy, where is Mc Donald's...Oh Wait! I see it!!! It's hiding in the bushes!!"
(Mickey Dee's needs a landscaper).

"Your total will be $15.99".
(WTF? For a happy meal and two combos!!!! we should've have gone to Chilli's)

"I'm sorry I keep drooling on your pillow...."
"Yeah...well next time it's BYOP (Bring your own pillow)."
(Aren't we touchy about a little saliva)

and my personal favorite:

"Miss C, for the last time....don't make me raise my voice, you just took a bath, you're still wet and a spanking right now is gonna feel a lil' more intense!!!"



"Are you happy??"

(talk about starting a presidential campaign early)

It's on!

Guess what people!!

For me the season begins tonight..

Boston vs. Yankess at Fenway..

3 game series...

Alex Rodríguez (bought freakin' time) is hot...10 homers under his belt...Including last night's 3 game homer to help the Yankees come back and win against Cleveland...

Big Papi aka David Ortíz from Boston is also hot off the bat and let's not even mention Aimée's brother, who is also kicking some butt on my rival team.

So it's gonna be good...

I think I have church tonight...if I don't ya' know I'll be watching...
Saturday it's on in the early afternoon, so I guess I can't...
But Sunday...I'm getting my popcorn and coke ready..

Be prepared Boston.
Be ready.

Wedding Bliss

Seems like ever since the wedding talk began....I have wedding things thrown at me all the time....

I'll be in the supermarket and see Wedding Magazines....
Sales on Wedding Rings...

Or like this morning when I pop online to read my news I read this.

Seriously some of the pictures are nice...but I wouldn't want a wedding dress that was made channeling The Little Mermaid.

Sure I'm amped about the planning..but it seems like there are so many other things to sort out first...like True's Job situation...he got reduced to part-time and well, let's just say I don't wanna get into a marriage where money becomes an issue.

After our mini-vay-k everyone wondered: So did you guys set up a date during your weekend?

Even our pastor commented: If you guys have a date, you can tell me and I won't tell.

No. We do not have a date.

We have an idea that we would like it to be before the year is out.

And that I want something simple.

True is considering a Reception.
I could care less.

I'd like a day thing...early brunch...and then everyone goes home.

Besides I don't have money for an event bigger than that.
I just want my close friends and the people who mean something in my life to be there when it goes down.

Everyone wants to help. Everyone wants to decorate, give advice, blah blah blah.

A friend called me the other days: "I have a friend who still has her dress and is renting it, if you wanna see it?"

"Um...gee, thanks".

She goes on: "It's a beautiful white dress and it's very elegant..blah blah blah".

"Thank you, but I don't think white is my first color choice and I don't want anything too flashy. I want something more 'me', more simple, more 'i-can-actually-say-my-vows-in-the-dress-without-needing-
due to funny fabric."

"Oh. I kinda of imagined that".

I like the whole give me your feedback and the idea that so many people can help, but I just want everyone involved to know that I want something simple, so don't look at me funny when I say I don't want the violinist or the Harp Player...

Ah the rings.

True still has to propose old-school style.
I wouldn't have it any other way.

I want a proposal.

With a ring.
A nice ring.

He has some rings from once upon a time ago, when he was going to get married.

The girlfriend picked the rings.

True's mom asked him why don't we use those.

I don't like them. The woman rings aren't half bad looking but, they are yellow gold. Not a big fan of yellow gold.
The band for True is not very attractive, either.

Another good reason: neither of us picked them out. They don't represent our personalities at all.

I have something like these rings in mind.

Or these which are from the same line but a tad less expensive.

We'll see.

Where are we gonna live?
Well, that's a toughie.

I got pre-approved for a home mortgage. So I guess that's good, but just looking at the Settlement Statement gives me shivers...we're talking a high mortgage payment that for now is a tad far-fetched. We also don't have any property in mind.

So that only leaves, my crib.

For a short amount of time.

My crib is attractive, it's big, it's spacy. I can imagine that True has invisioned his Turntables in the big loft area of my house...


Turntables, records, cables....


I can only envision Vietnam and my brother downstairs.

But I guess for now, as a short term thing it'll be good.

I also think about Miss C. I think she should kind of get used to the fact of True living in the house, and then relocate. I don't think doing both things at once would be such a good idea. Advice welcomed in this area.

So, that's all for the blushing bride. I've got my hands full this weekend. I'll be doing a show in a town called Cidra. I've got therapies tomorrow and Saturday with Miss C and lots of other stuff along the way....

I'm off...I've got more Betty Crocker ideas in my head....Betty Crocker you say? yeah..last night I surprised True by baking some brownies...not bad if I say so myself...so I'm thinking chocolate chip cookies for tomorrow...

or Moist Yellow Cake...


In the Paper

True is in the paper today....no pics but a cool interview on how our work (going to preach in the streets) is impacting our youth...It was a four part series on Hip Hop in Puerto Rico, and we were fortunate enough to get mentioned today!!!here

The article is in spanish, but you can see his name in there..!!!

Weekend Recap

Sound bites from the weekend...

"Sometimes you can be a jerk".

But then again, aren't we all at some point??

"He smuggled a tarantula through customs, during a trip with a Mother Teresa Volunteer Group thing".

Sometimes family members can do the darndest things.

"Why don't you find it Miss C??"...."Mommy are you mad? I'm sorry".

Kids will be kids...sometimes you wanna smother them, sometimes you don't.


I had to get up at 6am today...
I managed to crawl out of my bed 40 minutes later, call True and say a really crappy prayer to start my dad.

I swear to you God, I'll come up with something good tonight.

Mornings aren't my strong point.

True and I have mended fences.
But Saturday and Sunday were hell.

I mean HELL.

As I stood in church on sunday I felt I was gonna literally burn in hell right then and there, because everyone was so full of 'love' and 'peace' and I just wanted to be put in a steel cage and smack the crap out of True a lá Monday Night Raw.

After church we chilled at his crib.
We sat on a sofa in silence.
All night long.

When we finally spoke, you know what went on..the whole you don't, I don't..we can't situation.

How long are we gonna keep on with this crap?
We both feel neither understands.

And that ain't good.

We talked and talked and I felt nothing was really said.

We put things to rest and left them where they were.

I hope it doesn't come back to haunt us.

Yesterday was a Holiday...True worked, but I was off. I decided to take Vader and Miss C to the beach.

You know, a nice generational mom thing.

Miss C was excited to see fishies in the water...the sun was warm but not scorching and even Vader found a shade to sit under with her coiffed do and Maja Makeup

We went early, so at midday we were back at Vader's, I took a little nap, Vader made lunch and True joined us later on.

It was a quiet afternoon and I think Vader had a great time....I have to admit..*gasp*, so did I.

On a sad note my prayer's go out the Virginia Tech families. It is a horrible horrible tragedy. I can't even begin to imagine the healing process.

We are also praying for one of my mom's coworkers who tried to commit suicide and is in critical condition. He is alive and alert, but he is strapped down due to his continued effort to take his life. It's been a tough blow to his family and children.

We pray for him and the other families.
Please do so too!


The rest of my week is pretty booked, church, practice for events on Friday, Saturday...and try to squeeze in some sleep time...

what's up wit ya?

And the Award goes to...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Oh my Gosh...Oh my Gosh...They love me...they really love me!!!!

I got an award..!!

A friggin award...

I am so totally honored that such a great person like Chelle has awarded me with a Thinking Award!!

I am sooo honored...I mean...it's an award from a person who I truly admire...

The rules are:
1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.
3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote.

Here are five bloggers who make me think, and make me smile:

1. Gnightgirl...aww man what can I say?? I found her because she found me first...and boy am I glad...besides the fact that she takes some awesome, jaw dropping pictures, she is funny, witty, candid and has such a good heart. She gives the readers her take on everyday life situations in a way so realistic and so truthful you'll love her right off the bat...

And even though she is going through tough times (her son has been recently deployed to War) she is such a trooper....especially sending care packages with pictures and autographs of cute models to her son...Definitely Mom of the Year..Go Check her out!

2. Caro. Caro kicks Butt...here is a lady that tells it like it is...she says things that I wish I could speak out and say. She manages to take the most difficult situations and write about them in such a hilarious way you can't help but laugh. Do not read and drink while on this site...

3. The adventures of Super J I love Yoly's site...and for anyone with a child with special needs this is a great ride. I've enjoyed all their triumphs, good days, celebrations, bad days, trials and tribulations. I had the pleasure of meeting them last November and I always visit this blog to know what's up in the life of beautiful J, my hero. I always smile because, Yoly and her family have worked so hard to get J to where he is right now, and their joy is mine!!!

4. I don't know if we can do repeats on this meme, but I'd like to include: Chelle. I found her through Number 2 and boy am I glad I did. Chelle is beautiful, funny and above all strong. She is like a no bullcrap-i-root-for-me-all-the-time-type-of-gal. Why does she make me think and smile? Well because like the rest of us, Chelle has had some tough times and she still manages to keep it together, at least enough to keep on blogging and make her kids happy, and THAT IS ALOT. No matter how hard things get, Chelle gets right back on board, and who can't smile at that????

5. Sarcastic Journalist. She was one of the first blogs I found, before mine. I read her compulsively. Her stories are hilarious, borderline crazy, yet they are not far-fetched. She says everything we think and don't dare say. She says it like it is, not pats on the back..no beating around the bush. A mom with a toddler and small infant, working from her home...a sure recipe for great stories. The thing about SJ is that, even though she writes in a comical way, most of the issues she talks about, aren't really funny at all, for example the struggles of being a stay-at-home-mom, having two kids at an early age, dealing with discipline problems and the fact that she was fired for blogging....and yet she takes all this issues head on, no holds barred, making me wanna be as outspoken as her, as multi-tasker as she is....

I can't help admire her and wanna be her and laugh with her, all at the same time...

Five blogs to mentions is not fair....I have far more than five blogs that make me think, make me wanna smile everyday....Right now I'm enjoying Momo's blog which keeps track of her weeks of pregancy...it's just great to read that and feel like your a part of that process with her, I love Art's blog...although he sometimes dissapears on us, he is just like Chelle and SJ who speak it like it is, a great dad and still alive to talk about it all...

I also love I am, therefore I date, I've read all the archives and seen how my heroine Roxy has found love, but has had to make major adjustments in her life, like a new job and leave her Dear New York behind...it's my guilty pleasure to read about her adventures and how she is loving her life, her job and all that comes her way.....a must read!!

Ok...that's all, cuz if I keep on this list will be huge!!!!!

Love ya love ya love ya!!!!!

Miss C was given some 'rabbit ears' to wear for Easter.

We couldn't get those suckers on, even if we pinned her down and stapled them on.
She was very explicit when she yelled "NO" at a pitch only dogs could make out.

This morning she wanted to wear them to school.
After yelling and screaming the whole drive,

Mind you I was the one yelling and screaming,

I decided I needed to pick my battles wisely.

As I walked away from her classroom, I could see my bunny sitting with the rest of the kids.


Seems like money is a funny subject.
Funny as in, a subject not to be effed with.

True and I got into some kind of squabble over money.

We squashed the whole mess.

Then later during the evening we got into another squabble because Mr. I am always right don't you dare give me advice, didn't like when I told him I thought it was dangerous he was going out to get gas at almost 11pm.

My exact words:
"You're going to get gas!! Boy, don't you love danger".

He snapped back:
"Oh, you're gonna fight about this as well".


WTF is that supposed to mean??

Needless to say a whole sack full of crap split open.

Harsh words were said and we both offended each other.
I was told that every time I get mad I 'lose it', that I have 'problems', that he 'isn't gonna talk to me when I wanna argue'.

Then he gave me the silent treatment.

Ahhh...how I love the silent treatment.

"When you have something interesting to say, you know my number".

*Click* I hung up.

That'll teach him to treat me like I'm 10.

I was not gonna let any man come in my life and make me shut up and play "nice and quiet".

I turned off my phone.

Let the games begin

Eventually I had to turn it back on to set the alarm.
He called.

"Got anything interesting to say? cause if ya' don't I'm hanging up again".

(Yeah, I got a severe attitude problem.....so much for the love of God)

"What??? You wanna break up with me?? Is that it?????


Whoever said anything about breaking up????!!

"Well, that's up to you, seems like I'm not quiet enough or submissive enough for ya, maybe you need someone who doesn't 'lose it' when they get upset"


Half an hour more of a tug of war on words.....

I hung up around midnight.

I have a huge headache and I haven't heard from him today.

I could say I could care less, but somehow I should've aborted this battle as soon as it had begun.

This was no case of wearing bunny ears at school.

lots of stuff

I loathed this song..especially the 'woo hoo' part...

but somehow..for some odd inexplainable reason...it's kind of grown on me..

need assistance quick.
musical tastes down the drain...

speaking of drains..

my drain in the kitchen is clogged.


I unclogged the sucker and bought a new sink dish thing...
you know, the thing you put the plates on to drain...

almost ten bucks...
Martha Stewart is really raking in the dough...

how is my hair gowth process coming along...??
Aside form the fact that I need to tie my hands behind my back to prevent me having a titty attack everytime I run my hands and feel a Simba Mane..it's all good...

I am now rocking the 'ohsosexy' headband that pulls your hair back and makes you look like you got botox look...

Seriously I kind of look like her...
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Only I am not Natalie Portman...

But it ain't that bad? is it??

As for games...



I need Tivo...

Our Vay-K in pics...

I officially need a vay-k to get over my vay-k...

Isn't that thrilling...

Our vacation started on Thursday where I had the day off and proceeded to chill with True and the boys in San Juan....we had to cut our day short to be back in time to make the two hour drive to our final destination...

The part I most feared of our trip?...the drive.
Miss C doesn't handle drives well.
This time, she was an angel.

In general terms, she was a sweetheart. She behaved exceptionally well and we were all pleased.

We arrived around 10:30 to Guanica, got settled in and slept early.
Friday we spent the day visiting True's relatives and Saturday we headed out to the beach and later had a bar-b-que back at the house...

Sunday we headed out to back home around 2:30pm.

We had a great time, everything real low-key....we slept, we ate, I cooked breakfast and made helped make dinner the first night.

I survived with only minor bruises....to the thigh area from playing musical chairs with True's little cousin's on Saturday evening...

Ok, it was a big bruise and it hurts like hell, but it was worth it.

Now, it's over and it's back to work....

Hope your weekend was as great as mine!!!

On Vay-K

I'm off....to the west, with True, his folks and Miss C.

It's a two hour drive to Guánica check some info here.

We are heading out tomorrow like at 10pm, so we'll see how it all pans out. Tonight I finish packing and most likely I'll be spending the night at True's tomorrow...True will be working but I'm off, so I'll help his mom with any last minute packing details...

True's dad was feeling a little under the weather, so I hope this doesn't affect our trip.

We are broke, without a cent to our name, but we are going!

So I'm gonna be off till Sunday....weeeepee....

We have no plans as to what we are gonna do, but I plan to take pics, probably go to the beach, eat....eat bar-b-qued food!!! YUM!!! I would also like to visit the Dry Forest and take some hikes there...

Sun, Fun, Sleep....in the country ya'll....!!!

Hope your weekend plans are as nice...

And so it begins...!!

April 1st was April Fools..but it also marked something very important!!

Baseball Season!!!!!

We didn't play yesterday...but today was our opening day and we won!!!!!!!!

Way to start a season, even though we gave up 5 runs to Tampa Bay....

We'll see how Boston does opening day...they are playing as I type...

weekend recap

I dropped the Deathvan off at my mechanic...it's gushing out the Powersteering liquid...again..My mechanic is a good guy...his assistant however...worries me...

Should I be worried that a man with a glass eye is the one under my Van?


Just when I thought I couldn't hate the "Irreplaceable" song by Beyoncé a little bit more...I just heard the spanish version with a Tex Mex rhythm..a lá Selena...


Saturday True dropped me off at my house early....because I couldn't move my Deathvan...I took the whole day to wash, clean, mop, scrub my dirty bathroom tiles...

While I was finishing up the mopping section, True arrived..he sat in the living room with this laptop while I tried to finish mopping in order to get our late lunch/early dinner going...I slipped...and fell...on my butt, the same butt I fell on last Sunday...I tried to break the fall with my hand...landed on my butt and wrist...

I was literally like the little old lady from the commercials....I sat there for like 5 mintues...trying to yell out something..but nada...zip, silent...Now I understand what happens to chicks in horror movies when they can't scream for help when the guy in the machete is gonna get em'...

After I managed to get my butt up..I stood in the doorway...

"Everything ok?"
True inquires
"I just fell" (insert nervous chuckle here)

True opens eyes..."Are you okay? Why didn't you scream?"

"I have no idea".

"You gotta take it easy".

Yeah. I know. I finished mopping, made some mean chicken burritos with melted cheese on top, which we devoured, and I am now wearing a Brace on my hand..because it hurts like heck.

Yesterday after church, everyone wanted to go to Pizza Hut to eat...Everyone as in a whole Church load of folk..like 20 of us. Miss C wasn't in tow, so Pizza Hut was a ok. She was with her dad.

Problem is, my tummy can't handle Pizza Hut. Don't know if it's the sauce, the garlic or what...Pizza Hut is not a friend to my intestines...

I secretly told True my problem. He suggested we go elsewhere, but everyone kept on insisting.

I ate one slice, two breadsticks and lots of ice tea.
and I prayed really hard.

I didn't have to run to the bathroom, but the garlic was enought to keep me up all night.


This week is "Semana Santa" o translated into: Holy Week, people don't have school, work...beach and vacations...our "Spring Break".

I have managed to convince True to maybe not go to church this weekend and go with his parents to their 'country house' on the westside of the island. Their parents are sooo excited, they've been inviting us for the past few months....seems like our 4 day weekend is gonna be cool....we'll see....

How was your weekend? Did you manage to bust your butt? Or do you have a hair stylist with a glass eye as well?

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