Weekend Recap

Sound bites from the weekend...

"Sometimes you can be a jerk".

But then again, aren't we all at some point??

"He smuggled a tarantula through customs, during a trip with a Mother Teresa Volunteer Group thing".

Sometimes family members can do the darndest things.

"Why don't you find it Miss C??"...."Mommy are you mad? I'm sorry".

Kids will be kids...sometimes you wanna smother them, sometimes you don't.


I had to get up at 6am today...
I managed to crawl out of my bed 40 minutes later, call True and say a really crappy prayer to start my dad.

I swear to you God, I'll come up with something good tonight.

Mornings aren't my strong point.

True and I have mended fences.
But Saturday and Sunday were hell.

I mean HELL.

As I stood in church on sunday I felt I was gonna literally burn in hell right then and there, because everyone was so full of 'love' and 'peace' and I just wanted to be put in a steel cage and smack the crap out of True a lá Monday Night Raw.

After church we chilled at his crib.
We sat on a sofa in silence.
All night long.

When we finally spoke, you know what went on..the whole you don't, I don't..we can't situation.

How long are we gonna keep on with this crap?
We both feel neither understands.

And that ain't good.

We talked and talked and I felt nothing was really said.

We put things to rest and left them where they were.

I hope it doesn't come back to haunt us.

Yesterday was a Holiday...True worked, but I was off. I decided to take Vader and Miss C to the beach.

You know, a nice generational mom thing.

Miss C was excited to see fishies in the water...the sun was warm but not scorching and even Vader found a shade to sit under with her coiffed do and Maja Makeup

We went early, so at midday we were back at Vader's, I took a little nap, Vader made lunch and True joined us later on.

It was a quiet afternoon and I think Vader had a great time....I have to admit..*gasp*, so did I.

On a sad note my prayer's go out the Virginia Tech families. It is a horrible horrible tragedy. I can't even begin to imagine the healing process.

We are also praying for one of my mom's coworkers who tried to commit suicide and is in critical condition. He is alive and alert, but he is strapped down due to his continued effort to take his life. It's been a tough blow to his family and children.

We pray for him and the other families.
Please do so too!


The rest of my week is pretty booked, church, practice for events on Friday, Saturday...and try to squeeze in some sleep time...

what's up wit ya?

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