it rains it pours.

Yeah. I'm a sore loser.

Boston kicked our asses like there was no tomorrow.

And it was all a case of losing focus at the last minute. We started winning all three games and ended up losing miserably.

On Friday, Aimée'sbrother, made a hit to help Boston win.

Aimée, congrats....
Even A-Rod who was on fire, couldn't do anything to help us win.

That really sucks.

Friday evening I spent my night watching us lose.
Saturday we went to go play at this youth camp....and I don't wanna toot my own horn, but we did good...
The crowd, about 200+, were amped, cheered and asked for an encore.

That's what I call a show.
Wednesday we are gonna play at a local College.

So, right now I'm trying to save my voice for the upcoming gigs.


Other than's all been good....if you ignore the fact that's it's been raining all weekend and I would have much more prefered being at home sleeping and eating like a swine.


Since I couldn't take any pictures...obviosly with me performing it's kind of hard to do that....I'll provide with a few quotes from the weekend...

"...yeah...well put a quarter in me and I'll sing for the whole crowd".
(talk about selling out cheap)

", Excuse me Miss, where are you going??"

"Um...(pointing to bathroom), to the bathroom"
"Ok, carry on".
(I really wanted to say I was gonna go smoke some weed behind the trees, but being that we were in a Church Youth Camp, I kinda felt they weren't gonna get the joke).

"Mommy, where is Mc Donald's...Oh Wait! I see it!!! It's hiding in the bushes!!"
(Mickey Dee's needs a landscaper).

"Your total will be $15.99".
(WTF? For a happy meal and two combos!!!! we should've have gone to Chilli's)

"I'm sorry I keep drooling on your pillow...."
"Yeah...well next time it's BYOP (Bring your own pillow)."
(Aren't we touchy about a little saliva)

and my personal favorite:

"Miss C, for the last time....don't make me raise my voice, you just took a bath, you're still wet and a spanking right now is gonna feel a lil' more intense!!!"



"Are you happy??"

(talk about starting a presidential campaign early)

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