weekend recap

I dropped the Deathvan off at my mechanic...it's gushing out the Powersteering liquid...again..My mechanic is a good guy...his assistant however...worries me...

Should I be worried that a man with a glass eye is the one under my Van?


Just when I thought I couldn't hate the "Irreplaceable" song by Beyoncé a little bit more...I just heard the spanish version with a Tex Mex rhythm..a lá Selena...


Saturday True dropped me off at my house early....because I couldn't move my Deathvan...I took the whole day to wash, clean, mop, scrub my dirty bathroom tiles...

While I was finishing up the mopping section, True arrived..he sat in the living room with this laptop while I tried to finish mopping in order to get our late lunch/early dinner going...I slipped...and fell...on my butt, the same butt I fell on last Sunday...I tried to break the fall with my hand...landed on my butt and wrist...

I was literally like the little old lady from the commercials....I sat there for like 5 mintues...trying to yell out something..but nada...zip, silent...Now I understand what happens to chicks in horror movies when they can't scream for help when the guy in the machete is gonna get em'...

After I managed to get my butt up..I stood in the doorway...

"Everything ok?"
True inquires
"I just fell" (insert nervous chuckle here)

True opens eyes..."Are you okay? Why didn't you scream?"

"I have no idea".

"You gotta take it easy".

Yeah. I know. I finished mopping, made some mean chicken burritos with melted cheese on top, which we devoured, and I am now wearing a Brace on my hand..because it hurts like heck.

Yesterday after church, everyone wanted to go to Pizza Hut to eat...Everyone as in a whole Church load of folk..like 20 of us. Miss C wasn't in tow, so Pizza Hut was a ok. She was with her dad.

Problem is, my tummy can't handle Pizza Hut. Don't know if it's the sauce, the garlic or what...Pizza Hut is not a friend to my intestines...

I secretly told True my problem. He suggested we go elsewhere, but everyone kept on insisting.

I ate one slice, two breadsticks and lots of ice tea.
and I prayed really hard.

I didn't have to run to the bathroom, but the garlic was enought to keep me up all night.


This week is "Semana Santa" o translated into: Holy Week, people don't have school, work...beach and vacations...our "Spring Break".

I have managed to convince True to maybe not go to church this weekend and go with his parents to their 'country house' on the westside of the island. Their parents are sooo excited, they've been inviting us for the past few months....seems like our 4 day weekend is gonna be cool....we'll see....

How was your weekend? Did you manage to bust your butt? Or do you have a hair stylist with a glass eye as well?

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