28/28 Over....

Thank u thank u thank u...for all the comments and emails once again....U guys r the best!

As you can read..I am still alive. I survived the dinner and my b-day...

For a brief moment I thought I was gonna hang myself in my parent's bathroom with some twine, but I managed to cope.

To begin: it was pouring...I mean like mad raining..and we still had NO running water.

So I had to take a bath with a bucket..and heat up some water.

Vader and Vietnam were already home and my brother with this girlfriend showed up a little bit after I came home.

Everyone had dinner, except me.

True had not arrived and I didn't wanna eat without him.

So after True arrived and exchanged awkward silent 'hellos' with my folks, we ate.

Roasted Chicken and Rice....

That was the highlight of the Birthday.

My dad got me a watch. A watch he made Miss C hand to me, because he is not talking to me.

My mom, washed my clothes and gave me some sweat pants that I rocked last night.

During our dinner I couldn't help wanna kill both of my parents who were busy bickering and arguing...

That was fun.

If I felt odd, I can't even begin to imagine poor True.

After dinner I practically begged them to cut the cake if they had one. Why have me in this state of eternal torture.

So everyone sang..blah blah blah..we cut the Ice Cream cake....we ate..and I said goodbye and good riddance to everyone and scooted on upstairs.

I had rented some movies and just wanted to be in my place.

True had the task of driving Vader home.

She lives close by, but it had seemed like he had left an eternity ago and wasn't back yet.

Me and Empress figured Vader has probably hurt him and had him stashed in the freezer.

True came back, in one piece.

"I was talking to your mom", he said with a slight smile.

Poor man. His hope is enough to make me wanna carry the Olypmic Torch across the US.

The rest of the evening was as uneventful...we watched movies, True left, and I went to bed.

That was all.

::wipes sweat off forehead::

I'm sure glad that was over. I mean, before our dinner, I had handed both my parents a letter...a letter me forgiving them and vice-versa..and I didn't know how'd they take it..so I was bracing myself for immediate desintergration come dinnertime...but nada, zip, zero.

I know Nam' hasn't opened his yet.
And Vader...who knows...she never mentioned the letter.

So, it's all over.
Thank God.

I'm glad these things are once a year....who can take more than one day like that...


What has been your worse B-day experience?

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