Letter to the most High

Dear God or is it Lord and Saviour??

God it is.

Dear God,

I am so sorry but I'd just like to pass this Memo onto you. I know you are full of mercy and you love all those who serve you...but...

I'm in pain. My head hurts. My body throbs and the lady down the street who is having a religious service and is singing very off key: "Thank you God" is really killing me.

Do you think it's possible you can grant her a voice or have her pipe down a bit...even Miss C is getting annoyed. She just walked in and announced:

"Mommy, that singing is too loud!".

I couldn't agree more.

Anyway God if you can help me out here, I'll be eternally grateful and I'll try to play nice.

I promise.


Your daughter, the one who is very sick.

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