And then it was confirmed.

It seems like everything was falling apart.
I had spent weeks upon weeks questioning whether or not I should end my relationship with True.

All sorts of insecurities started creeping in and our bickering was getting out of hand.

I had decided I was not the one for him. Nor him for me.

But something told me to stay put. I prayed. Like hardcore. I told God:

"Look...if we are meant to be, I'm gonna need some sort of a message...capiche?"

I waited.

This past week was our Church's 6th year anniversary, with a whole array of events and shows and special guests. There were a few guests that came to speak...and prophetize over our church, our lives.

Skeptics..bare with me.

Many things were revealed about my life...there was one theme that kept repeating itself with all the guests that spoke to me:

"Your past will not repeat itself".

I sure hope it doesn't.

Yesterday was the last night of our celebration.
It was a long weekend, everyone was a bit tired, I was dealing with a sick, uncontrollable child and I was kind of being distant to True on purpose.

When things get bad, I push things away. That is how I cope.

So the service begins...and the guest pastor, scratches out his original plan to preach and decides to declare things about our lives....through God of course...

Randomly he went from person to person...speaking, praying...

He asked True to pray for someone, and asked him if I was his which I quickly nodded "No".

After he (the pastor) prayed for a few folks...he looked at us...

"I feel the need to speak to you. To pray for you".

We stood side by side.
We grabbed hands.
The pastor elevated our hands in the air.

He inhaled. I'll had much more detail than this.

"This is a powerful union. God is making a team here. You will be strong. You will work together and make a difference. You (True) will be rich man (He explained why). You (Me) will help women in need (He gave details). You will have a relationship and a marriage so strong, many people will want what you have. If there isn't a Marriage Ministry in this church, you (us) should lead one. But YOU (me) have to stop doubting. You have to stop being insecure. Your past will not repeat itself (the same thing two other men had told me this past week). You (True) have a big responsablity with her. You need to make sure her past does not repeat itself. It is going to be a hard burden, but God knows what he is doing with your lives. Are you going to get married soon? (to which we responded not really). Well, God wants me to tell you that you should...that you should accelerate any plans of marriage because he wants to use you both!!!"

He said a few more things and prayed for us.

I don't need to say I was crying hysterically.

God had answered.
Through a complete stranger that had never seen me before in my life. After the service, the pastor came up to us and told us he been very pushed to marry us right then and there. "I felt the urge to do so, to let you use my rings and marry you tonight, I feel you should".

I almost fell back and knocked down the projector.
I don't have to say that we were the 'Shock and Awe' of the night. Everyone was estatic..."I wanna be a bridesmaid" "I wanna be the Godfather"...."I wanna eat cake".

It was a tad ludacris and surreal and great all at once.

We drove home later that night in silence.

As we settled down True asked me if I had anything to say about what had occurred. I told him how I was feeling the past few weeks. To my surprise, he told me he was feeling the same exact way, and that he too, had asked God for Guidance in our relationship. We agreed we still had lots of work to do and that we both had to do something very essential in our relationship:


We hugged and he assured me that I was his Queen. And that he would have married me, right that minute, if the pastor had insisted.

"Yep. Really, the only thing holding me back is your family situation, I wanted to see if things settled down. That is the only thing that has kept me from marrying you. Not that I'm using that as an excuse. I just want everything to be Ok. You know?".


He continued:
"So...I'm thinking, like June or July, you think that's good?"
"June/July, like THIS June/July?"

And that was that.

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