Sugarplum brides

Ottomax: Sounds like a name for a supermarket full of Ottoman's..

But actually it's the name of Miss C's eardrops.

She has a throat and ear infection that's killing her...thus killing me...



She was in a better mood this morning, that is until I put the drops in her ear and all hell broke loose...she tried to eat me like you eat a crossaint sandwhich in the early morn'....

poor kid.
poor big kid.

True was kind enough to stop by yesterday and help out with the sick kid burden. He even made the trip to the neighbor at around 11pm to get her prescription, and helped me tuck her in.


Ok. Now I will ask you people to shoot me.
Hell, I told True to do so last night.

After settling Miss C down, we sat to watch some Flavor of Love and random TV...and I blurted out:

"You know I saw this nice park where we can have our wedding...and we can do this and that..and ..."

And I stopped right in the middle of that sentence..

"I'm sorry...if I become of those silly-happy-go-lucky-brides shoot me. I cannot live my life this way".

::True chuckles::

"Honey I think that's good".

" don't understand. I hate weddings...I don't go to weddings...I can't stand the whole wedding thing-a-ma-bob..I didn't even have one..this is NOT RIGHT".

He smiled.

And visions of bridesmaids danced in my head...

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