Out of Service

I literally feel like crap.

in all ways imaginable to the human mind.

Physically, emotionally....etc. etc. etc.

I started my week feeling a slight pain in my body.

I immediately thought it had to do with the Pilates I started doing again on Sunday.

But as the day progressed, I started to feel my stomache hurt...burping uncontrollably...feeling more pain in my muscles...I left early, only to come home to more pain, throwing up...the runs...you name it, I got it.

I am in my office as I type. I had to come in to do some stuff before I can go to my house and throw myself on my bed and die.

Not die.
But you get the picture.

Aside from the fact that I feel like crap and I don't know if I should sit on the toilet or lean over it, last night was a tough night True-Wise.

I won't get into details, but there are some things I'm considering leaving behind.

I'd rather not do certain things than to do them and have a crisis everytime I try.

I know you're not following me but I know what I'm saying.

I must pick my battles wisely.

I don't have time to waste, especially now since I'll be making friends with the porcelain express...

toodles people..
I'm off.

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