Open Letter...

According to your commercials you are the "The neighbor we can trust"....if this is come dear neighbor you made me wait 20 minutes, with a screaming, feverish toddler in tow to tell me the medicine she needs is not available.

"Would you like to verify if the other pharmacy which is another drive across town has the medicine available? Or would you like to leave your toddler screaming in pain a while more while people stare in awe??"

"Sure, knock youself out..go call the other pharmacy..I've only been at the doctor's office for 3 hours, another two more hours aren't gonna hurt".

Meanwhile I have the people-who-cannot-comprende in the line observing how my daughter screams her head off because her ear hurts, her body aches and how she wants her momma, whose been carrying her for the past 25 mintues to keep carrying her, even though her momma is practically pleading her to stand for at least 2 minutes while he arms start feeling the blood circulate again.

"Little girl, give your momma a rest. You are too big to be in your momma's arms...Do you understand? You are too big to be whining and crying.."

::gives sharp glare::

"She's not feeling well, and she'll never be too big for her momma's arms".

Ok. I lied. When she's 21 momma's arms will be putty. But people need to mind their own business and show some sensitivity.


Not only did you make me go through this neighbor, but when you made me go to your neighbor buddy...he told me I had to wait 3 hours for some ear drops and some antibiotics.

3 hours!! Pay no attention to the child whose head is gonna explode with the fever, which will not go away if she doesn't receive proper medicine. Completely ignore the fact that I will have to come back to you neighbor at almost Midnight to get her stuff...

"Can't you do something for me??"
I pleaded with my best puppy dog-cleavage showing face..

"No. I've got a lot of people before you".

fine. he's not into chicks.

So neighbor, I ask of you. If you are the 'neighbor' I can 'trust'..what will happen when you finally decide to backstab us...because if this is 'trust' and you are my 'neighbor'...I'll take my chances with my worst enemy and drop off my prescription in Iraq...I'd have better luck I think.

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