In case you had any doubts

" have reached Empress Wedding planners...if you are a future bride who will tie a noose around her neck soon, please press 1, if you are Mary P. and are marrying True, please call back".

Empress's message on my voice mail.

So she is my official wedding planner. I would not have it any other way. Rather than tell me I'm crazy and "what on earth are you doing?", she totally gave me the thumbs up and is totally psyched....::sigh:: best friends are awesome..

Vader...well, Vader is Vader. Her response: a blank face, followed by: "Well you guys are practically married would not make a difference".

I'll take that as a blessing.

True's mom...was happy...said we had her that's cool....

I'm busy surfing the net for ideas...and looking at stuff...

So anyways...if we had any doubts about what we were told on Sunday...or if ANYONE had any doubts..check this out.

On Thursdays I go to a group meeting at church, where we are currently discussing a book we are reading. Yesterday they cancelled our meeting because a Prophet, yes, ANOTHER Prophet, from the states was in Puerto Rico and got invited to our Church.

A woman Prophet.
A woman Prophet who kicked Butt.

When I grow up I wanna be like her. She was fierce, authority figure.

So she's doing her thing..she's praying for folks..and *BANG*!! she looks at me:
"I have something to tell you". she talked..blah blah....well not blah blah..but you get the picture...Said I had a hawk's eye...very to adjust in any situation...with a powerful vision...and then she stopped...looked at True..

"What are you to her? her husband?"

"Her boyfriend".

Everyone started laughing...

I guess we all thought what I was thinking..."Here we go again".

"Oh..that explains it, I knew there was something..because I'm here praying for her and I see your hand (not literally) meddling into her spiritual stuff...I feel you are very alert and I wondered, why is he being so nosy?..why is he sticking his hand in her stuff? Come here, hold hands, I want to pray for you too".

I was cracking up...laughing..

"Oh My God...there is something great here!!! blah blah blah...You are going to be great instruments in this church...."

Then she turned to the pastors...

"Does this relationship have your blessing?"

Both pastors quickly nodded in approval.

"There is going to be a wedding".

The whole church roared in laughter.

In less than a week, two complete strangers have said the same thing...

"There is going to be a wedding sooner than you think".

Everyone cheered...and I nearly fainted..

Ok. I didn't nearly faint...but it was good, cause in case some folks in my church had doubts about Sunday...IN YOUR FACE!!

Later as she was finishing her prophecies...and I was getting my groove on praying...I got it...

No. Not the Holy Spirit.

I got a set of teeth grind into my leg...
Miss C had decided to wake up real chipper.

She started to cry, hit, pinch, bite...a real treat.

Me and True were trying to control her but it was getting very out of hand.

The Prophet got off the stage, went directly to her.

"You have no authority over this child. I declare peace over any spirit of rebelion...etc. etc. etc."

Miss C turned on the floor and immediatley became quiet.

I need to learn me them skills.

She told me I needed to be a little more firm with her...

That hit a button in me.

"She is Autistic."

"Don't ever say that. She is NOT Autistic. She is the Lord's Child and God has great plans for her".

She began to pray for Miss C.
Miss C was hush and quiet.

"My son was Autistic. My son was very aggressive, he bit, he screamed, he was intollerable. It was hard. Very hard. But God knows you can deal with this. She will fully recover."

She turned and looked at the church, which was staring...

"And have to help her. Her child is not bad. It is not Her fault. The enemy wants to cause a distraction in her mom's life...wants to make her lose her cool. When you see her child is acting this way, step her out, give her mom a break".

Wow. You have no idea how much I wanted the people in my church to hear that.

Miss C did not budge. I don't know how to explain it, but she shushed and fell asleep.

The night ended soon after midnight...
Me and True went to bed almost at 3:30 reviewing the night...talking about how we we re-hooked....we talked about rings...where we would live...

I must's like a's all happening so fast...



We have to set up a meeting with our pastors to talk about see how we go forth on our wedding plans..

True says he thinks it's best if we get married in the court and then have a small reception...we'll see what we figure out..

so people...your assignment..should you choose to to input me wedding ideas, websites....etc. etc...

I'm gonna need all the help I can get...

So...I'm off to bask in my wedding bliss...
Have a great weekend folks...

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