This was our past Monday..We took True's relatives to Old San Juan.
There wasn't much going on, since it was a Monday..but we did get to take some cool pics...visit this totally wonderful lil' Antique/Gallery Store...and eat some Ben & Jerry's...with fresh waffle cones made right then and there...Yum..Yum..

I have a lunch date with True later on.
It's our 6 month we've decided to go and pig out.

Ain't love grand!

Vietnam is still sick. I'm considering crashing at True's pad until things get safer.

But I'm actually leaving because of the diabolical doll I still owe you the video of.

This weekend is booked solid.
We have been invited to rap at a local church tomorrow.

In the evening is the Miguel Cotto boxing match.
Sunday we have church and later on some B-Boy competitions I look foward to going to.

So lots of pics ahead

I've decided to let my hair grow out.
I look like my mom.

With a case of Elvis-itis.

Or a microphone.

U take your pic.

let's see how long I stand firm on this mission.


I told my mom about the situation with Vietnam...
her reply:

"I'm so sorry for you...but I ain't going back".

Well, thanks for the support.

"I only go back to wash your brother's laundry".

While I have a crapload basket full of dirty clothes.

Sometimes, mom's are overrated.


What's do you think is overrated?

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