In the famous words of my friend Chelle

"Long whiney post up ahead"

You are warned.

To the guy who blarred his horn yesterday..
"The light just turned green, WTF do you think I own for a mode of transportation?? A lear jet??"

To Vader who questioned my eating a cookie while I was dying yesterday...
"If I am to die, I will die eating a cookie".

To People who say they'll call me right back...
"I've done that before..I know that means you won't don't piss me off on purpose".

To Vietnam who kept asking me random questions while I was on my deathbed:
"Why??? My brain can't think straight, it's oozing outta my the hell should I know what they do with the ice at Rocafella Center when spring comes??"

To Miss C who was so well behaved:
"I know momma has made you watch Inside the Actor's Studio for the 6th time tonight..but my fingers hurt to much to switch the go be a doll and go get me some advil"

It all sucks.
I'd like to have stayed home today. But I thought that coming to the office would get my mind off all the insignificant things that our pissing me off right now. You'd probably think that I'm just feeling like this because I'm sick. Maybe.

But there are things I'm carrying on over from last weekend.
Things that keep building up.
And sometimes I think I'm talking to a wall.

And I'm starting to think: Am I the one looney here? Am I the one not making any sense??

Don't dismiss my opinions on the matter. Don't make them seem like crazy conconctions on my behalf.

Cuz they are not.

Today I feel a whole lot better. Thank you for your get well wishes. My body no longer feels like it's being put through the 'heavy wash' cycle of a beat up laundry machine...and I'm only dealing with an upset headache is also kaput.

True made his nurse rounds yesterday very late...brought over some Gatorade.


I'm holding a grudge.
Bare with me folks.
This blog has turned into a whiney outlet for relationship mishaps.

But I got no where to turn.
Besides Empress.

I'm upset with him because he doesn't have time or doesn't want to practice with me.
We have another thing on Friday and we practiced on Monday after I almost beat him with a stick to make him.

Yet. He has time to practice with everyone else.

So I'm on the: "Oh yeah..well screw it..I won't do anything".

If there is no interest in me, on his behalf, in this part of my life, and I'm only good to do favors for his crew...then forget it.

I'm no one's golden-egg-laying chicken.

And I mentioned it to him but as ALWAYS...he doesn't get it.

"I don't know why you're upset".

That should be the slogan of my life.

I'll be glad when this week is over and I have no more musical obligations.


"I will only let you in because you are one of mines: A Yankees!!"

The security guard at Miss C's school, as I arrived late to drop her off in my Yankees cap...yesterday.

Boston fans won't hear that very often...

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