Anti Socialness...

If any such word exists...that is what I am.

I am an anti-social person. I am also very sarcastic.

(I also just had a person reading over my shoulder....which I really enjoy...**hint hint**)

Ok. Person over my shoulder rudely reading is away. I don't mind this person reading my blog, but not reading over me as I tap in my brain to type.


I have purchased two new stickers for my mini-van, cuz my Happy Bunny one ("I realized I just don't care") has faded...

1. "WTF?" in big bold white letters and black backgroud...why did i buy this, cuz I am alway saying this or writting this...

2. "Sometimes I hate being me, then I smile, cuz I'm not you". This is really self explanatory.

and my back window says:

"My autistic daughter has no school or services, thanks to our government!!"

Who says a mini-van can't be a rebel!!!

Miss C and I are going to see the Disney on Ice, show, Monster's Inc., tomorrow courtesy of The empress

We'll see how that goes...
I also have some very interesting things to post about, but they are still on the back burner...I'll get around to them sooner or later..

Happy weekend!!

Friday's Four...

Ok..I have a bad memory....This week, on the same day, I forgot my daughter's lunchbox and managed to drive to the gas station on my way home from work to realize, I left my purse at my office.

Did I also mention, I celebrated Secretary's day a full week ahead. Yes, people, mommy needs her meds.

So anywhoot, I'm gonna try to do something fun, to get my mind off the politicians I sooo wanna kill right now, cuz my daughter cried today when she was dropped off at her old daycare, instead of her school, I will do something called the "Friday's Four"...

Why friday? I don't know.
Why four? It is my favorite number.

So here ya goes: Today's theme is movies

1. 4 movies I hate: Jeeper's Creepers 1 & 2 (really people, 3 hours of my life gone), The Ring (or anyother Japanese film re-made by americans), Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures...

2. 4 movies I love: Garden State, Lost in Translation, Wizard of Oz and Napoleon Dynamite

3. 4 favorite female actors: Shirley Mc Claine, Natalie Portman, Audrey Tateu (I so fucked up the spelling), Maggie Gyllenhall, Sarah Jessica Parker.

4. 4 favorite male actors: Peter Sarsgaard, Jake Gyllenhall, Jack Nicholson and Tom Hanks
( I really love more than four, but these are like the top of my list.)

Ok. I am officially pissed. Fuck Pissed. Upset, angry, wanting to cry pissed.

My daughter's therapist has broken the news: Until the crisis our third world island is passing is resolved, my daughter's therapies, transportation and school our suspended.

No therapy, no school, no summer school program. Nada zip zero.

The problem is, to make it short, and Aimée correct me if I am wrong, u know more about this than I:

The legislature won't approve a budget set up by our governor. We have a mixed government. Our Governor is from one party, and the Legislature and Senate is another.

So they've taken a personal vendetta and have decided not to approve anymore funding cuz they feel like it. What has our governor done? Well he's decided to shut down all 'non important' government offices, like school and therapies.

Cuz after all, Education is so trivial and non important. Who gives a shit that the future of tomorrow can't have occupational, speech and other therapies??? No one is gonna die, so all u families out there with special kids, get a grip.

He even said, and I somewhat quote:

The department of education, has such a large deficit, that if we were to give it the little money we have left, we would not have money available to operate the hospital and the police department, who look after our streets...

Who look after our streets???!!!!!!!! What the fuck???

Have u been so locked up in ur lil white house, sending off ur perfect kids to private school, that u have not noticed the crime rate???

It ain't like the cops are doing such a fucktastic job.

So now I'm pissed, have written a protest on my mini-van and decided to take down the government...who's with me????

Middle Class can't take this shit no mo'

I wish Che Guevara still lived.

ER update:

Still in lots of pain, bleeding and sleepless nights. We will proceed to go to yet another hospital, where his aunt works cuz she says the method they gave us for curing him is non efective. They have to take the saline cleaning approach. U read it right, saline, salt. They are gonna scrape him and pour salt on his wounds. I'm really looking forward to it. So is he.

In other rambling thoughts, Yoly, what is it with the yellow shirts????!!!!

Long ago, in a land far away, my dad was a samurai warrior...
oh..oops, no he wasn't...wrong intro..(been listening to Liquid Swords too much this week)..

Long ago, in a island, not to crappy as it is now, a young woman wanted to become an artist.
She tried very hard and very long and achieved somewhat her goals. Certain circumstances, through her off track, and she decided that things were better this way. She still daydreams and thinks "what if" ...a lot....

It has been a while since she last daydreamed. But recently it was brought to her attention, that u can still daydream. That days are still nice. That it's good to feel the sunshine on ur face and be glad u wake up everyday. That daydreams, can be real things, if u only do em', with proper back up and people who make u feel special. This girl has felt special before, but it's been a long time, since she's felt special again. This girl now knows she can probably rock a mic, recite a poem, or do any God forsaken thing she wants!!!

To those who daydream: Rock on!!!

To those who've made the girl daydream again: Thanx.



Why do things have to be so fucking complicated???????????



no, wait, I have nothing else to say..


Things on the ER front are better. Yesterday I gave him a bath, and he says I didn't do it, but I believe I caused him to bleed out of his wounds on several occasions...sorry...I apologize...

I am a full fledged nurse now. But don't get any ideas people, I am usually very squeamish, and I haven't died of a heart attack, of the site of him, I think because, I usually have dinner or a snack right after cleaning up Miss C's vomit episodes. So I've become a pro.

Houston we have a problem.
I'm not gonna get into details. But our government sucks. If things don't improve dramatically over the course of days, our children are going to be without schools and therapy, due to the lack of 'cojones' of our government and funding.

I'm not even gonna start on that, cuz I think i may be developing an ulcer and probably have thought about joining some non-pacific group to take things into our own hands.

Yes, Miss C's mommy is almost a terrorist. I can change diapers and manage hand granades.

anywhoot. As if things on this front weren't enough. Miss C this morning was difficult. She's been difficult for the past days. I am sensing she has having sensory issues again. Either that, or the has decided to become a big pig, like 'luly'. She doesn't wanna bathe, put on socks, shoes, clothes, etc.

With Autism, lots of other things come into play. One of Miss C's main issues is Sensory. She hated to be held, kissed, bathed, clothed, hated certain textures, etc. It was real bad. Over the course of time, with therapy, she has overcome most of these issues.

But now it's like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO no bath, NOOOOO water!!!"
And it's wearing mommy thin..........reaaaaaaaaaaalllllll thin.

This morning it was the yellow shirt. I put her school pants on, and when I was gonna put on her yellow school shirt she said:

"NO, No yellow"
"Well, Miss C, honey, u have to put this on, u can't go flashing ur ta ta's at school, this ain't New Orleans, and it sure ain't Mardi Gras".

"No, yellow, no shirt".

So then, silly mommy tries to use reverse psychology:

"Well, then mommy will put this shirt on, this is mommy's yellow shirt".

To which she replies with a big grin:

"Ok..mommy yellow, Me, No".

**Shit, she is on to me big time**

So I'm like : "dudette, u've got to put on the shirt, we are running late, as usual, put on ur shirt".


Think think think....


Mommy puts on a Mickey Mouse pin on the shirt.

She squeals in delight!!

"Mommy, yellow mickey" and raises her hands to have the shirt put on.

**Bingo!!! Jump up for Joy, 1 Point for mommy, 0 for Miss C, Victory is mine**

So we are out the room, on our way, when Miss C turns around.

"Mommy, No, my pony baby"....

"Miss C, no pony baby,let's go"...

"No, pony baby white"...

At this point, I don't know if to spank her silly for being so manipulative, or jump for joy, cuz she knows that her baby pony is white...

**Shit, 1 Point for mommy, 20 for Miss C, game canceled on the count of treason**


And I'm not talking about my inicials..I'm talking Emergency Room...

This weekend I was supposed to go out for a post-birthday bash..with my brother and some friends...but on Thursday evening my ex had a motorcycle accident...

He called me very early on Friday and asked me "if I was ok.." and told me he had to tell me "something"...When he told me he had an accident, i thought, well he is talking on the phone, didn't break a bone, so I am assuming it's just cuts and scrapes...but he tells me that when I see him he will be unrecognizable, that his face and arms are a 'bit' disfigured...

Me and my mom had a pow wow on friday and came to the conclusion that we could not leave him alone in his house with no one to look out after him, So we decided to tell him to stay at our house until he got better.

He drove up on Saturday. I was out buying first aid stuff he had asked for, so he got to the house before I arrived from my shopping. When I walked in the house, he was in the bathroom. When he walked out, I almost passed out. His left side is really really bad, so are his arms. I am not even gonna go into graphic details. The thing is, it's not a pretty pic. When Miss C saw him, she was in shock and decided to play in the living room all day. Later on we explained that 'dad was sick and was in pain' , so now when anyone comes over or if you ask her, she touches her face and says: "he sick, dad hurts".

It is difficult seeing him in so much pain, even though he has been one hell of a sport..he has hardly complained and thinks he is super man...any other guy, like my brother or father, would be yelling and screaming like 10 year olds...

It was even more difficult cleaning his wounds the first time and seeing his blood filled eye, and be able to to more for his sake...

I took him to the Veteran's Hospital yesterday, cuz where he originally went when he had the accident, they were shitheads...didn't give him antibiotics, didn't check his eye, didn't give him anything effective for pain...just real shit heads...At least in Veteran's he was looked at by a sergean..(i'm pretty sure i spelled that wrong)...and his eye was treated....and was given antibiotics...

So, we have a long hard road ahead of bare with me folks...I'll keep ya posted...

Oops she did it again!!


Miss C and I are walking down the steps to go to school. The day is bright, sunny, wonderful little birds, clear blue sky....Loud as Hell Noise coming out of a little Body...

I turn around in shock and yell:

"Eww...what was that?"

Miss C's reply:

"a big one"

Happy S Day!!!

I am a Secretary.

No...scratch that...I am the 'supersecretary-almost run the business, if it wasn't for me the company would be in ruins-the company is almost mine except for the money thing' type secretary.

So happy Secretary Day to me. The secretary who not only keeps the business in check but also manages to blog at the same time!! Hurray to me!!!

There are those who do not work, those who only blog, but then there are those who do that is a multi-tasker!!

But why, on such a festive day, am I feeling so uncomfortable...??

Is it because my boss does not remember...well, not really, she never remembers, she has a list of all the presents she owes me, she says to forgive her ADD, but she will get me my massage and flowers before I die.

Maybe it's because she is leaving tomorrow on a trip and not coming back till tuesday, leaving all of our checks signed....HAHA..NOW U KNOW IT' S NOT THAT ONE..

Is it perhaps that I have decided, today, to wear something that is totally not me, and I feel like a tablecloth run through too much starch!!

I have worn a very uncomfortable, black lace, victorian style shirt...very pretty, just not pretty damn practical...It's tight, itchy and I, who am not a fan of itchy, tight, things have on top of all, worn a bra underneath as lacy as the blouse and am suffering from a doily overdose. I am officially a human doily.

The pants are too bad, grey capri slacks with silvery pinstripes and grey metallic strappy sandals. The sandals are nice, but they have this metallic pink sole to them that I cannot stand, it's been hittin' in the head all day: ?!!where else do I have pink ?!!, (I'm a wedge/platform type gal) but my platforms wouldn't go nicely with my getup. I can hardly move. I am like a animatronic secretary ::in robotic voice::

"HI, I am E. How may help you today?"
"Feel free to ignore my pink sole, and lacy funeral outfit, so appropiate for the spring/summer"...

Speakin' of's freakin's really fucking hot, and today, with my Victorian Get-up, the office A/C has broken down.....enough to make me wanna take off my blouse and bra and transform from animatronic to office porn star....

At least I got to buy my own lunch, some Onion Rings which have left my breath so kickin' that if I wanted to meet someone, with this get up and this breath, it would not be the day the stars align.

Tomorrow, since the boss is gone, I'll be back to summer skirts and vintage t's....


Miss C is a little pig. Her aunt taught her how to burp and now she does it all the time after drinking stuff and goes:

"Pig!!" and laughs..

She also 'burps' out of other openings I will not further discuss.
She recently did that while going into the psychological therapy office, RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE THERAPIST....

then she squealed:


I am so sure that this will be the begining of many wonderful embarassing adventures...

What r ur embarrasing adventures with kids??


Today is a very sad day, our cat of 13 years has died. Moti (Moe-tee). She was a spectacular cat, a 'little human being' as my mom would say. She was our first pet when we moved to Puerto Rico, well actually, she was our first pet evah!! We were not allowed pets in our other home.

It is sad and everyone has done their share of crying, but I have no idea why I want to laugh so hard and almost burst out laughing when we were all in the backyard while my dad removed "chispy"'s old tombstone (yes, we had another cat, named Chispy, killed by poison, buried in backyard), and proceeded to bury Moti. Was it because while everyone was, yes crying, and my brother and his girlfriend were holding hands ::rotf::, all I could think about was Steven King's Pet Sementary. I know I know, but moments of mourning bring out the best in me.

When Moti died, in her bed, (she had been sick for the past few weeks and we had no $$ to take her to a vet), my mom got a box to put her in. I was the coroner and I had officially announced her death. My mom puts her in the box and closes it, and then asks: are you sure she's dead???

What do u mean, am I sure she's dead????!! She's not breathing....I mean, I am no forensic specialist, but the abscence of breathing does indicate death. Am I not right.

My mom is not convinced, so she pulls her out of the box and says: "She is still warm".

WTF??!! ? The cat is not supposed to turn into cement after 2 mintues lady.

My mom then goes all CSI on us.
"Get me my makeup mirror"....

"Why do u want ur makeup mirror??" my dad asks.
"They used them in the old days to check if the person was breathing"...
My dad then asks "how" WTF?? (I actually don't know what's worse, my mom and her CSI epsiode or my dad asking how is a mirror used to verify if a person is dead or not.

Exasperated sigh "you place the mirror by their face, if it fogs up, they are still breathing"...
"REAAAALLY???" my dad adds...::hangs head in shame::

"She's really dead"
NO shit mom.

So as they are burying her I actually think "what if she isn't dead??"...
What if she is buried alive and comes out and yanks my moms legs at night in vengeance.

Anyway so that was our day, a death in the family. I spent the entire afternoon making jokes in the kitchen and my upset father told me:

"it's unbelievable, someone has died, and u are making jokes and everyone else is laughing...that is very disrespectful".

So, to Moti, i am sorry for making jokes on 80's fashion mistakes, while u were freshly buried in the backyard. I sure hope u were not buried alive and that the small ass box my mom put u in is comfortable enough. The box was her idea.

Here's to mice in heaven.

I have nothing against Mexicans...
Sure they have a sweet accent, love to wear fancy outfits and have made famous the taco bell chihuahua..

But why, oh why, do i have Mariachis singing every weekend on my block???!!!


Blah Blah Blah Part Deux

As Kim Possible would say:

What 's the sitchu'a (situation)??
(too much Disney for me, huh)

Well, seems like Florida is the way to go. I hate to admit that I no longer can stand to live in Puerto Rico. It is sad. I was not born here, nor I was raised here, but I like to think that I grew up here, that I became an adult here. It is sad to see the way our little island is decaying day by day. Unemployment, crime, expensive homes, we even have the highest rate of C-Sections in the world (Damn you doc!!!! I will never forget my pain)...

Anywhoot, Florida is not my fantasy destination, but my ex inlaws are close and willing to help. That is a major plus. Miss C's dad is also moving there and he will help as well. I scoped out the schools and am very pleased. I also checked out the job sitchu'a and am extremely pleased with what I see. With my B.A. here in P.R. I am stuck in a rut. With my B.A. over there and my experience I have many options, including ::leaning in and whispering:: TEACHING...

Yes, I'd love to teach. Yes, I know what u are thinking. NO, don't give me that look. I love sharing my wisdom with other wisdom!!! I have already ordered the books for the teaching certification. My ex SIL told me she thinks I can easily pass the exams and there are plenty of openings for special education, the field in which i would love to teach. As long as I don't have to teach hormonal pre-teens and teens, It's all good.


Changing subjects dramatically...
We went to a few parks:
1.Universal Studios
2.Islands of Adventure
3.Sea World
4.Magic Kingdom **Will post later
5.Animal Kingdom** will post later

1.Universal was an old destination, but always fun to go to, convinced the ex to go on the mummy with me and when we got there they were filming a segment for the Ellen show and we could not get on. I didnt' see Ellen also, she was gonna be there live for the next three days, dammit...has anyone seen her stand up shows....excellent!!!
Miss C had her very first meltdown here, aint' it nice....
We went in to see the Barney show, The real Barney show. It was spectacular!!! Miss C was amazed, with her mouth gaped open and eyes bawling out!!! So the show ends and u can make a line to take a pic with Barney. Miss C's dad wants a pic so we stand in line and Miss C notices that there is like a replica of the Park Barney plays in all around her: a train, a sand lot, a tree house, etc. etc. So what do ya know, Miss C is like f*ck Barney, I wanna play, by the time we got to Barney, as u saw in the pics, she didn't wanna take the pic...and as we left the play area, cuz obviously we were not gonna stay in Barney land all day, she had a tantrum, so I take her to the Barney store and tell her to pick out ONE TOY, she picks out a cute little plush house with all three Barney characters inside, she quiets down and as I was gonna pay she sees the DVD's, and the wailing begins all over again!! This time Mom won, she screamed-kicked-cried, but left with ONE TOY.

2.Islands of Adventure...was there last year, convinced the ex to ride The Flying Unicorn...nuff said

3.Sea World...first time there, got in free (For this year only, active soldiers and their immediate family can get in free to any Bush Parks: Sea world, Bush Gardens or Sesame Place; valid for one day only)...
Miss C had a total meltdown here:
First she played in a sandlot, got sand in her eyes and was stupid mom tried to calm her down by showing her a huuuuge tubular slide, catch: u had to go up a huge flight of stairs, Miss C would slide down, and stupid mom had to run down stairs to catch her at bottom...but on one of her turns a little girl was going to go down the slide, but could not make up her mind, we were waiting for like three mintues, and the lil girl's mom is like blah blah blah, so Miss C loses her patience and tries to go in front of her, like biaaach get out the way, I try to stop her and the other mom still seeing this doesn't tell her daughter "honey if ur not gonna slide down let other people go", so I am struggling with Miss C and she bangs her head with this huge pole next to the slide really she's starts wailing, what does Miss C stupid mom do??

I took her to this inflatable jumping thingy that the kids go inside to jump, Miss C suddenly quiets down, only to start wailing cuz she wants to hurry up and get on, so when it's her turn she tries to go in, but has her bottle with her, the guy is like 'lady she can't go in with her bottle', Miss C doesn't wanna let go of her bottle, but wants to go in, Just plain Hellish!!!

So I'm struggling with Miss C, she is wailing, kicking, screaming, biting...we rush to take her to see the Shamu show, and she is like non-stop, people are like in shock and awe, staring, some even laughing, where was the humor in this I don't know, thing is she keeps on screaming and f*cking Shamu won't hurry up and do his jumpy thing....he finally does, splashes the hell outta Miss C and voila!! silence and happiness. Alas, from that moment on, she did not wanna go in to see anyother shows or get out of her stroller, leaving me to attend to her...God will reward me (if ur reading lord: Manolo Blahniks size 6 **hint hint)...

Hell broke loose once again when we went into the gift shop, Miss C's dad, during the day at the park, had got her a shark, cuz she was amazed by them.......oh oh..I forgot to add:

As we were seeing some fish, at the end of the large tunnel u walk through, Miss C asked:
"Where's Nemo?? I don't see him" very matter-of-factly....I was gonna die of laughter...

anywhoot, her bought her a shark and a very long pencil ...may I add, a very long dangerous pencil that could easily poke someone's eye, limb, etc. etc. Miss C's dad fails to see the dangers of a long pencil in a small child (yes, u) So we go in the gift shop, and she wants another pencil, another like 2 dollar pencil. I will not pay 2 dollars for another pencil!!!!!!!! So she cries, screams, does her little flapper number, I go outside and leave her with her dad, cuz I said no more toys, cuz lord knows, the shark and the pencil were enough, but Superdad, bought her a bag of magnetic rocks, and Miss C was all smiles and happiness with a bag of 'rocks' as she so clearly says....

6.00 dollar rocks, which never made it to Puerto Rico.

Blah Blah Blah Part I

Well, 17 days

17 days with not one day the same as the rest, well except for the fact that Miss C would get naked at 10 am and beg to go in the pool and manage to scrape the same knee over and over...
She looks like a veteran from some old war flick..

Well, we arrived on a Friday. The plane ride was good, nothing too stressful until we had to land. Miss C refused to put her tray table up as well as her seatbelt. All hell broke loose, she cried, she screamed, she frightened other passengers, flight attendants, u name it. People gave us those looks!! U know what looks....the "what a spoiled brat" look. How did Miss C calm down? She sat in a total stranger's lap. The lady was kind enough to sit Miss C on her lap and calm her down, and I was mortified. The nice lady is like "hey, don't worry, I have two nephews who are real hard to deal with". (sigh) I just tried to not die of utter embarrassment and mortification.

So we get off, get picked up, and the next few days are spent in parks, flea markets ::drooling::, etc. etc. Miss C is being such a good girl, except for the naked part and the suicidal border jumping on the trampoline, which she flew off of the following days.

That next week we visited two schools, one which I fell in love with. Just beautiful and the services they provide for children with special needs is super!!!! They treated us so nice and I could totally see myself taking Miss C there...


Apart from the school things and apartment searching, which i will post about later, we went to plenty of parks, but during the weeknights when we were at my ex in laws house, there wasn't much to do. So what is a girl like me to do?????? Go to the 24 hour Walmart as many times as it is humanly possible. I must admit, here in PR I neeeeeeeeeeeeeever go to Walmart. It is tooo far, too crowded. In Haines City, Florida, Walmart is the land of sales!! vintage t shirts!! and digital fotos for 19 cents!!! oh home of many late night trips to pick up Star, People, Us Weekly and all other tabloid crap magazines. Ask me anything??? Should Angelina fly her plane so late in her pregnancy?? How will Katie Holmes give birth??? What is the problem with Oprah and her weight??? Is Britney pregnant again????

::shaking head in shame:: what else was there to do at night?????
Well I did also pick up The Davinci Code: it's not all it's cracked up to be.

I did also catch up on some old X Files episodes. I saw one about killer roaches that was totally disgusting!!! (Carolyn, they were straight out of ur Yucky encyclopedia!!).


I have to recap on some important moments during our 17 days with more detail, but I will share this one cuz it's worth sharing soon....

Miss C has 4 cousins over there, 3 older boys and one girl who is going to be 5 shortly. The little girl and one of the boys live at the house we were staying and the other 2 boys live across the street, so they are usually all together.

Miss C is a control freak. She knows exactly the amount of ponies she has, or blocks, or clothes pins, and if one is missing she will know, and if someone takes one away from her, all hell will break loose. It is very seldom that Miss C would want something that doesn't belong to her and she does not like people aka other kids meddling in her business.

Her little cousin is somewhat of a difficult child at times. She is very bright, smart, talks a lot, but like all children at her age, has a hard time sharing and wants what all other kids want.

Example: Miss C asks for milk, she will also ask. She will question why her glass is one color and Miss C's is another, etc. etc. (note: sometimes this wears you out thin, know what I mean)

This little girl, is also a hissyfitter. She will threaten to break things, tell u to shut up, etc. etc. Things I do not tolerate in children, but who am I to meddle in the upbringing of children other than mine.

Anyway, one sunny afternoon ::birds chirping in the background, bees a buzzing:: Miss C, her cousin and her boy cousin are in the pool. I am inside doing other business and then the sirens went off:


Histerical screaming, sobbing, yelling etc. but it is not Miss C....
2 seconds later, Miss C joins in.

That was my cue, so I run outside. Miss C was crying in the pool and her grandma had scolded her, and I look and see her girl cousin holding her arm, screaming and crying.

Miss C had bit her. VERY HARD.

Now, let me clarify, I do not applaud this kind of behavior from Miss C. When she bites me or anyother person she is scolded and punished. It is not permitted. But when Miss C bites, it is when she is at wits end. Understand people, that Miss C cannot verbally communicate with ease, and when she is teased and bothered over and over and over, she will defend herself in the most accessible way she can: Biting the hell outta u.

Since her grandma had already made her cry I just told her what she did was wrong. But I had to get down to the bottom of this issue so I ask the only key witness, her boy cousin:

His version:

"Miss C wanted to put her toy bunny (property of Miss C) in the pool and girl cousin didn't want her to, after many times of not letting Miss C do what she wanted to do with her toy, Miss C bit her"

Self defense my people. The juror finds Miss C : NOT GUILTY.

As bad, wicked and sick as it may sound I couldn't help but grin, a chesire cat grin!!!

Miss C knows how to kick ass!!

Then later on, for the rest of the night the little girl kept saying how Miss C had bit her and how the cops should take her away and punish her blah blah which I told her, "yes, what she did was wrong, but you were bothering her, so you must learn to tell the whole story".

Case closed.

But since kids are kids, in and hour they forgot the incident and found another reason for fighting:

My little Pony....

U should've seen all the hair I was losing trying to keep the peace..

We're baaaack!!

Hey wassup!!

I am back..tired, burnt from the sun..but back!!

Will post the amazing adventures of moi and Miss C aka 'the biting machine' (will include this story later) later this week

Hope all is well..

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