100 things about moi....

I've been saving this one for a 'rainy day'...lots of things going about right now..trying to work em' out...I'll post about it..later on..

101 things about me...

1. My name was a typo.
2. My family and close friends call me “yari” pronounced Jar-e (long e)
3. I was born and raised in New Jersey.
4. I love cats
5. My cat was poisoned..I mourned it and buried it.
6. I sent bad wishes to the person who killed her.
7. I only have one brother.
8. I stabbed him once in his hand with a fork cuz he chews his food too loud.
9. I have 24 aunts and uncles from my mom’s side and 14 from my father’s (people in Puerto Rico didn’t have tv’s back then)
10. I am very ill-tempered (hence the fork stabbing incident)
11. I have never physically fought with someone, except my brother.
12. We (my brother and I) both cried when I moved out…cuz we would actually miss each other.
13. I moved to the upstairs house, and now we fight as usual.
14. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology…that I have used with my daughter.
15. I want to do a Master’s in Psychology with a specialty in Autism.
16. I used to go to clubs a lot.
17. I used to get in free and drink for free too.
18. I used to be an ‘artist’ (music wise)
19. Mary has been my best friend since I was 12, we’d go clubbing together.
20. She is still my best friend.
21. We’d go out in my old car Priscilla.
22. Now I drive a Toyota Sienna ::shiver::A mini van: it’s name is Grasshopper
23. I love Jim Benton’s Happy Bunny. I have a sticker on my van.
24. When I pick up my phone I usually answer “que es la que?” “What’s happening?” or “hey”.
25. I am afraid of hospitals
26. I’ve only been in one, once, when I gave birth.
27. Well actually twice, I almost lost my pinky in a freak accident when I was 2.
28. I have never broken a bone.
30. I never learned to ride a bike.
31. Or skate.
32. My parents never let me play outside.
33. So I learned to love Barbie Dolls.
34. I have a small Barbie doll Collection.
35. I would have more Barbie’s but I keep spending my money on shoes.
36. I had at one point at least 50 pairs of shoes.
37. My dream shopping experience: NYC, Neiman Marcus, buying some Manolo Blahnik shoes.
38. I am a clean / neat freak.
39. I used to be medicated because of my obsessive/compulsive disorder
40. I was voted most versatile in Junior High.
41. I was on the debate team, art team, chorus, and safety patrol.
42. I was also voted Most Temperamental.
43. I got suspended once in 7th grade, because I had “a big mouth”.
44. My parents didn’t care much, cuz I was a straight A student.
45. I moved to Puerto Rico when I was 15.
46. I cried on my first day of school here.
47. In High school I dated the cutest, most popular guy.
48. We broke up before our senior year.
49. He tried to get back with me, I happily declined.
50. I got accepted into the ‘top notch’ college here in Puerto Rico.
51. I went there my first year, and had to leave, because of the distance.
52. I had no car back then; I got my first car at 20. (Priscilla)
53. In college I maintained my ‘rebel nerd’ status: got kicked out of a class for wearing camouflage gear, and graduated “Magna Cum Laude”.
54. I am the first person in my immediate family to graduate from college.
55. If I could describe myself as any character it would be “Dory” from “Finding Nemo”.
56. I love watching “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends”
57. I am in love with Michael Chiklis
58. The only shows I watch religiously are “The Shield” and “Wild n Out”
59. I love stand up comedy…especially Ellen Degeneres.
60. I do not eat vegetables.
61. Or fruits for that matter, unless they are apples
62. I wanted to dress up as Spiderman as a little girl
63. My mom introduced me to Strawberry shortcake instead.
64. I was a tomboy much of my teen years.
65. Now I own more shoes, purses and skirts then I care to admit.
66. As a child, they used to call me “Punky Brewster” (this is part of the don’t ask don’t tell policy).
67. I do not smoke.
68. I do not drink, hardly, anymore.
69. My prized material possession: My Gap Jean Jacket
70. My prized possession point blank: My daughter.
71. I am in an Autism Parent Support Group.
72. I wanted to join the army when I graduated high school.
73. Sometimes I tend to curse a wee too much.
74. My boss calls me ‘Old soul’ because of my maturity.
75. My old boss and co-workers called me “3 cylinder” (because of my height)
76. I am only 5 feet tall.
77. I was addicted to Fraggle Rock, Electric Company and Sesame Street as a child.
78. I also loved to watch “The Price is Right” as a toddler.
79. I am fully bilingual thanks to my parents who don’t speak English and Bob Barker.
80. I hate malls and shopping (oddly enough), I do what I call ‘power shopping’: very brisk and very fast.
81. I usually shop for shoes at one store only. The employee knows me already.
82. I’ve been married once, and married life is not for moi.
83. I am the Puerto Rican version of Martha Stewart.
84. My favorite Holiday is Halloween.
85. I always dress up for it. Last year it was as Tinkerbell.
86. She is my favorite Disney character along with Eeyore.
87. I have three tattoos and counting, one of Tinkerbell.
88. I have a small nose piercing.
89. I prefer my hair very short.
90. I am low maintenance; I get ready in like 20 minutes.
91. I used to have paranormal things happen to me.
92. My room was “cleansed” once due to this.
93. I wanted to be a witch afterwards.
94. I couldn’t spell Tylenol when I was three so I scratched the idea of being a Pediatrician.
95. I always have nightmares of the end of the world.
96. I am scared of Michael Meyers.
97. I am an Aries.
98. I cried when my daughter said “momma” for the first time.
99. I love all things: Asian, ancient, artsy.
100. I talk to myself a lot, usually acting out things I ‘should have’ said during the course of the day or ‘fantasy’ situations.
101. I auto describe myself as : Eclectic

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