Friday's Medley

True is out for the weekend. He left Thursday for a seminar, won't be back until late Saturday afternoon.

Do you miss him?

Someone asked me.

Considering the fact of how our week went, the fact that we spent the whole week seeing our faces since last Thursday all the way until this Wednesday...

I think it's a much deserved break.

I think that maybe these two days apart, without any contact or calling, will be good for us.

Lord knows I have tons of shizz to get done in my crib, laundry, washing the Death Van..write, practice for our two upcoming presentations...visit Vader...

Speaking of Vader..I visited her twice this week.
And I have to say...

::hard time typing next sentence::

It went well.

She cooked dinner, she even *gasp* wanted me to tell jokes.

Vietnam is another story.
After threatening to leave, kill himself, kill all humanity, burn the house and call my brother an asshole..
I've just about done it with him.

I wanna help him, but if he wants to keep putting us in tension and playing his Mind Games...I'm not for it...I prefer scrabble.

My hair report:
I look like my mom.
I am gonna make a trip to buy some scarves to wrap my head in.

Cuz this isn't the look I had in mind.

On a totally different note.
I like kids.
I really do.
Heck..I love kids.

What I don't love?
The Devil's Spawn.

Children ripped right from an Omen movie...
Children who think they own the world and can go into any house and touch every single God forsaken thing you own.
Children who crawl up on chairs, tabletops, beds, open refrigerators, or tell you:

"Hey miss, since your already up...grab me some juice!"

I swear that is what a kid told me once.

They make me sweat bullets.

Mind you, I'm talking bout' normal kids.
Children like Miss C are an exception to the rule.

But when you see "normal" kids acting like complete mini-psychopaths......

let's just say on several ocassions I get the urge to lock em' up in a room and leave them there for the rest of the night.

What's worse?

The parents. The parents who see their kid climbing on my bookshelf or their other kids pulling out the boxes of my Barbie Collection...the expensive Barbie Collection...

Bare in house is full of knick-knacks and stuff all over...but Miss C...Miss C the Autistic Child...has NEVER touched anything or climbed on anything or taken anything out of place...EVER.....!!!!

Childen like the above make me lose my hair.

I'm bad.
I know.

Maybe now God will punish me with a wicked child all to myself.

::makes mental note to scratch off "more kids" on my "To Due" list::

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