Wedding Bliss

Seems like ever since the wedding talk began....I have wedding things thrown at me all the time....

I'll be in the supermarket and see Wedding Magazines....
Sales on Wedding Rings...

Or like this morning when I pop online to read my news I read this.

Seriously some of the pictures are nice...but I wouldn't want a wedding dress that was made channeling The Little Mermaid.

Sure I'm amped about the planning..but it seems like there are so many other things to sort out True's Job situation...he got reduced to part-time and well, let's just say I don't wanna get into a marriage where money becomes an issue.

After our mini-vay-k everyone wondered: So did you guys set up a date during your weekend?

Even our pastor commented: If you guys have a date, you can tell me and I won't tell.

No. We do not have a date.

We have an idea that we would like it to be before the year is out.

And that I want something simple.

True is considering a Reception.
I could care less.

I'd like a day thing...early brunch...and then everyone goes home.

Besides I don't have money for an event bigger than that.
I just want my close friends and the people who mean something in my life to be there when it goes down.

Everyone wants to help. Everyone wants to decorate, give advice, blah blah blah.

A friend called me the other days: "I have a friend who still has her dress and is renting it, if you wanna see it?"

"Um...gee, thanks".

She goes on: "It's a beautiful white dress and it's very elegant..blah blah blah".

"Thank you, but I don't think white is my first color choice and I don't want anything too flashy. I want something more 'me', more simple, more 'i-can-actually-say-my-vows-in-the-dress-without-needing-
due to funny fabric."

"Oh. I kinda of imagined that".

I like the whole give me your feedback and the idea that so many people can help, but I just want everyone involved to know that I want something simple, so don't look at me funny when I say I don't want the violinist or the Harp Player...

Ah the rings.

True still has to propose old-school style.
I wouldn't have it any other way.

I want a proposal.

With a ring.
A nice ring.

He has some rings from once upon a time ago, when he was going to get married.

The girlfriend picked the rings.

True's mom asked him why don't we use those.

I don't like them. The woman rings aren't half bad looking but, they are yellow gold. Not a big fan of yellow gold.
The band for True is not very attractive, either.

Another good reason: neither of us picked them out. They don't represent our personalities at all.

I have something like these rings in mind.

Or these which are from the same line but a tad less expensive.

We'll see.

Where are we gonna live?
Well, that's a toughie.

I got pre-approved for a home mortgage. So I guess that's good, but just looking at the Settlement Statement gives me shivers...we're talking a high mortgage payment that for now is a tad far-fetched. We also don't have any property in mind.

So that only leaves, my crib.

For a short amount of time.

My crib is attractive, it's big, it's spacy. I can imagine that True has invisioned his Turntables in the big loft area of my house...


Turntables, records, cables....


I can only envision Vietnam and my brother downstairs.

But I guess for now, as a short term thing it'll be good.

I also think about Miss C. I think she should kind of get used to the fact of True living in the house, and then relocate. I don't think doing both things at once would be such a good idea. Advice welcomed in this area.

So, that's all for the blushing bride. I've got my hands full this weekend. I'll be doing a show in a town called Cidra. I've got therapies tomorrow and Saturday with Miss C and lots of other stuff along the way....

I'm off...I've got more Betty Crocker ideas in my head....Betty Crocker you say? yeah..last night I surprised True by baking some brownies...not bad if I say so I'm thinking chocolate chip cookies for tomorrow...

or Moist Yellow Cake...


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