Picking your battles wisely

Miss C was given some 'rabbit ears' to wear for Easter.

We couldn't get those suckers on, even if we pinned her down and stapled them on.
She was very explicit when she yelled "NO" at a pitch only dogs could make out.

This morning she wanted to wear them to school.
After yelling and screaming the whole drive,

Mind you I was the one yelling and screaming,

I decided I needed to pick my battles wisely.

As I walked away from her classroom, I could see my bunny sitting with the rest of the kids.


Seems like money is a funny subject.
Funny as in, a subject not to be effed with.

True and I got into some kind of squabble over money.

We squashed the whole mess.

Then later during the evening we got into another squabble because Mr. I am always right don't you dare give me advice, didn't like when I told him I thought it was dangerous he was going out to get gas at almost 11pm.

My exact words:
"You're going to get gas!! Boy, don't you love danger".

He snapped back:
"Oh, you're gonna fight about this as well".


WTF is that supposed to mean??

Needless to say a whole sack full of crap split open.

Harsh words were said and we both offended each other.
I was told that every time I get mad I 'lose it', that I have 'problems', that he 'isn't gonna talk to me when I wanna argue'.

Then he gave me the silent treatment.

Ahhh...how I love the silent treatment.

"When you have something interesting to say, you know my number".

*Click* I hung up.

That'll teach him to treat me like I'm 10.

I was not gonna let any man come in my life and make me shut up and play "nice and quiet".

I turned off my phone.

Let the games begin

Eventually I had to turn it back on to set the alarm.
He called.

"Got anything interesting to say? cause if ya' don't I'm hanging up again".

(Yeah, I got a severe attitude problem.....so much for the love of God)

"What??? You wanna break up with me?? Is that it?????


Whoever said anything about breaking up????!!

"Well, that's up to you, seems like I'm not quiet enough or submissive enough for ya, maybe you need someone who doesn't 'lose it' when they get upset"


Half an hour more of a tug of war on words.....

I hung up around midnight.

I have a huge headache and I haven't heard from him today.

I could say I could care less, but somehow I should've aborted this battle as soon as it had begun.

This was no case of wearing bunny ears at school.

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