Weekend Recap

Um..I'm back.

Rollercoaster weekend.
But I'm back.

and I still breathe.

Saturday I skipped therapies and took Miss C to get a haircut...and then headed to pick up True's mom to do some shopping...they are having guests over from the states and she needed to hit up a few grocery stores...

I didn't mind taking her.
She's a doll.

So while we shopped, True was out doing some stuff as well.

After our diverse duties, we chilled at his spot.

As we sat on the porch, getting some fresh air, this scenario played out:

He was on his laptop chatting to the friend.
The friend I don't like.

Who happens to be depressed because her boyfriend's mom, doesn't like her (shocker)...and she (the mom) still wants to hang out with the ex-girlfriend.

karma will getcha everytime.

I gotta admit I couldn't help but feel a twinge of delight.

She told True she was upset..blah blah..blah..and that she got futher upset when:
"You called me and told me Mary was out with your mom".

::eyes open::

"You called her??"
"No. She called me, I returned her call".
"Why do you have to give her a report on what I'm doing?"
"She asked."


He kept typing.

I tried to be an adult and not smash his laptop right then and there.

"Wanna say hi to her?"


He begins to type...."mary is here....and "

I immediately intervene and hit delete.

"Don't even go there, dude".

Luckily my phone rings.
It was about a gig.
A music gig. I stepped out to talk, due to poor reception.

I took the call, the info and made my way back to the porch.
True was still busy.
So I decided I'd tell him once he had a moment.

"So...who was that on the phone?"
"The guy about the song thing".
"And when were you going to tell me about the call, *pauses* Next week?"

Ha. Being sarcastic to Moi. People don't know me yet.

I am quick witted.

"Why do you wanna know? So you can give your friend a full report?".

Oh my. Oh my.

Homeboy stood up as fast as he could. Anger and rage all built up.

"I told you I'm not gonna take this...blah blah blah blah".

"You started. What was I supposed to do, keep shut? No way...."

I wanted to punch him.
Call the friend.
And tell them both to go to Starbucks and get married.

I had to control my temper, because we were at his house and his parents were there.

I took him outside.

We argued. and argued. and argued.

I wanted to go home.

I wasn't gonna stand for this, 'i'll say-something-to-piss-u-off-but-u-can't-return-the-favor' scenario.

His mom started calling me to join her on the couch.
My face was hot and red and I could feel the tears building up.

I went in and started fidgeting in the kitchen to calm down.

True walked past me, huffing and puffing.
And I gave him my best...I hope you choke on cranberry juice look.

He started to get something in the fridge.
I gave him my back and started washing some dishes.

He came and hugged me from behind.
*kiss kiss kiss kiss*

I wanted to beat him over the head with a pan.

He turned me around and apologized.
I looked at him and didn't say a word.

He apologized several times.

made me look him in the eyes.

I accepted the apology.
Yeah. I love the guy. Sue me.

But that kind of put a sour note on the rest of the evening.
And my mind kept thinking about this friend, who is becoming a real pain in my life.

I know that I should feel love and not hate and all that mumbo-jumbo, but girlfriend is getting on my nerves.

The rest of the weekend proceeded smoothly. With True being nice and kind and lovey-dovey...
Behaving like the great man I know.

Even touching the "M" subject again.


It sounds nice.
But there are some kinks in the system we have to work out.

I was gonna get up to do Pilates this morning, but between this, the Oscar's (Where Scorsese picked up his first statuette), I couldn't pull myself out of bed this morning...

So much for all the ab work I was gonna do...

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