Weekend Recap Part II

So..after therapy....I made my way to True's to take a long nap...
We had a quick dinner and got ready for our Saturday get-to-gether.

On the way over we had a discussion over a quick stop to the pharmacy to buy a lip gloss.

See, True is not as steadfast as I when we go out. He takes longer and when we are running late...let's just say he isn't the most chipper chipmunk in the pack.

"You can go to the pharmacy next to the church."

"Fine...I'll cross the dangerous avenue"

And hopefully get run over so you will never be able to sleep again in your entire lifetime.

I didn't actually say that outloud, but I hope my deathglare got the point out.

"Everytime we go out it's the same issue".


We tried to kiss and make up and play the happy couple and the rest of the evening we played nice.

Sunday we were back on our routines, church, fighting off a Mad-Rabid Miss C who wanted to take my $20.00 bill, and a flick later on.

Pre-flick, I saw gal pal had been lurking about.

After the flick, I wanted to go home.

So I headed home. True in tow.

We sat and watched the grammy's and it was nice, but something was not right. I was still mad. After slashing my finger up with a knife and rushing to my first aide kit, I decided to level with True.

I told him how I felt. And as soon as he started to justify her, my calm adult approach was borderline 3-year-old-autistic-tantrum-carrie-rage-of-hell.

He was justifiying her.

I clearly pointed out that several people approached me to say her behavior was a bit inappropiate and that made me feel like crap. How would he like it if it was the other way around??

His answer: but she has a boyfriend!
Then she better effin' act like it. Because next time, I won't be so nice.

The gang-banger in me has not been put to rest, just yet.

He thought it was comical that I was jealous.

I was not jealous. I just think it's very dissrespectful of her to act the way she acts. Period.

So after telling me to calm down, saying that I was right, blah blah blah.
True left.

I stayed and cried.
I was enfuriated.

Was I over-reacting?
Or was I right?

Whatever the case, I was mad as hell. I was upset. I kept hearing him justify her and it made my blood curl.

True called me during my weep-fest.
"Don't cry...I love you. You are right and if you see anything strange, let me know, you are on the outside and maybe you can see stuff I don't...I love you, really I do".





And we called it a night.

I feel more relieved, but my weekend was stressful and I am not the kind to let my guard down.

So I'll be watching you my pretty...

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