Yeah...hip hip hurrah to ya' too

don't ask me what's wrong.

I have no effin' clue.

I guess sleep deprivation is gettin' on to me.

As long as I don't cut off someone's hand a lá Machinist...we're Ok.

On bits and ends here, I'm scared.

I think I may have lost my sweet tooth during my fast.

I haven't been inclined to eat one piece of sweets...

No ice cream, no candy, no soda, nothing...

Valentine's kinda sucked cuz I have a whole boatload of Ferrero Rocher and I don't feel like eating not a single one...

21 days ago..or during my fast...I would have sold Miss C on E-bay for a Tootsie Roll...

During my fast I talked about how I wanted Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream.
We went yesterday.

I ate it very mechanically.
It was good.
But I wasn't into it.


Everyone says: it's great you no longer like sweets..

Oh Yeah ?? Great for who???


I might have a lunch session with Empress today. A late Valentine's lunch.

I think I need it.

I'm missing our bullshit conversations.

Miss C's Psychological therapies have changed from Friday's to Tuesday's. I've been going on Friday's for a year now. I've missed the past two therapies due to Amnesia. I keep remmembering on Thursday when I pack her therapy tools that they are on Tuesday's now.

I called the therapist to apologize for the 3rd time (I missed the first session last month as well) and she told me:

"Don't worry, I'll make sure I get you into Mepsi (A pshychiatric hospital)"
::insert lame chuckle on her behalf::

Somehow I don't think it was meant to be a joke.


Miss C's school called. She has the runs. Nice way to commence the weekend.


Vader will be landing at the DeathStar this weekend. She'll be housesitting my dad's pad.

I have made sure to stock up on some much needed Paxil, Zoloft and a shiny new Machete.

I think I'll RSVP for a week at True's.


The label on one of the Perfumes True gave me read: Do not spray in eyes. Maybe Harmful.

The label itself is not alarming, what's alarming is the fact that some asshole did spray in eyes, hence the need for the label.

There is a new link in my blog roster...
brought to you by the maker's of This Just In. It's Back Talkin'. TJI is a must on my daily blog reads, and seems like BT is gonna be right up there too. Gnightgirl is very witty...and her look on things, whether verbal or visual (she is an awesome photog) is a mix of funny, sensitive, witty and charming...Go check her out!


My weekend? it all depends on a crappy kid...literally. (see above segment on 'runs') I'll keep ya' posted...

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