Weekend Recap

I just had a personal pizza with bacon and a wonderful delish chocolate chip cookie...

Maybe my sweet tooth isn't lost afterall....

This weekend, might I add was the laziest weekend of all.

I didn't do diddly squat.

Friday as soon as I heard Vader was making her way home, I jetted.

She called during my escape from No Man's land...and it went something like this:

"Dad is drunk, I don't suggest you go"
"Are you home?"
"Nope. I'm not staying the weekend".
"Why you *&^%$ Egostistical(*&^^%$$!!! you and your church...!@#$$%"
::throat starts to crack::
"I'm hanging up now, when you're more civil we'll talk".

That translates into: We will never talk, Eva Eva.

So, I went to church, spent the weekend at True's.

We didn't do much but we did manage to go to the beach early saturday morning. I left my camera in the car.
I tortured myself for that all day long. The walk was too long to go retrieve it, but the day was sunny, the sea was beautiful and we all had a great time.

Like a lil' cute fam.
Miss C behaved to perfection.
And me and True desperately seeked the sun for our white asses.

Alas, I didn't get much.
I got kind of sunkissed..but that's about it.

The rest of the day transcurred with us moping about on the couches, around the house, just doing nothing.

I made us a quick dinner and we called it a night early.
Sunday we made our usual rounds of church and a quiet late lunch at Ponderosa.

Monday I had the day off and True worked half day.

So Monday was spent moping around with his folks and then we hit the mall to buy Miss C a gift for being so well behaved.

I also splurged on some much needed new outfits for her...
somehow her yoga pants and t-shirts weren't working for sundays.

When I decided to actually face the music and head home...Vader was downstairs in my dad's pad....

I had no choice but to say Hi..since the bro announced our arrival so the whole block knew we were home..

Vader's kiss on the cheek almost melted all layers of tissue and muscle..and you could faintly hear the Star Wars score in the background..

I zipped upstairs as fast as I could, but Miss C stayed behind.

When Miss C got tired of her grandma'...and wanted to go upstairs, I had to go get her.

I thought, this is where Vader is gonna lay it on me.
To my surprise, Vader didn't say a peep.
Not even breathe heavily under her black helmet of doom.

No laser eyes, no heavy artillery. She handed me the kid and went back to her lair.

I zoomed up to mine.
4 more days to go.

4 more days people....

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