Hello my name is...

Today, we had to take a seminar at our office. Bare in mind I'm the only payroll employee, but the seminar was mandatory for the main contractors, the house employees and me.

::rolls eyes::

Now..I've never been a fan of seminars...and this was not the exception, but the idea of sitting for three hours on our most busy workday, Friday, and not doing anything was good enough to have me convinced. Not to mention the lunch afterwards...

The title: Emotional Intelligence and Partnership

Very quite appropiate for an office who's main leader has ADD, the second in charge likes to spend his time surfing and the secretary has a major personality disorder and shoe fetish.

The seminar was nothing out of the ordinary..and frankly it failed to impress me, like all other seminars.

The only interesting part was trying to prevent my toes from falling off due to frostbite...and the Emotional Intelligence Quiz.

My score: 40

Out of: 160

Suggestions to my score: Please read on the subject matter and get proffesional help.


I don't understand I mean...one of the questions went something like this:

You're with a friend who happens to be driving and someone cuts her off in traffic, she gets angry and starts making a fuss, you :

a. Put on music to distract her
b. Start arguing alongside her to make her feel supported
c. Tell her a similar story that has happened to you and how you made it past the storm
d. or say: "F*ck it...nothing happened..!"

Of course the real answers slightly differ...

I picked B.

Of course I'd bitch right along side with her...

Parenthesis: my boss business partner has just walked in with his "hello my name is" sticker on his forehead...

I can conclude we've all learned valuable lessons with this seminar...

Like for instance...trying not to hang yourself in the bathroom with a shoelace because the lunch served was nothing you could eat due to your fast...

Or learning to avoid eye contact with a certain fellow who is sending you his: OOOh baby..your so hot..looks...without vomiting in his face..

Very Productive.
Very Productive indeed.

In other enlightening news, I have my show on Thursday..

Ask me how many times I've practiced ?
Ask me if I know what I'm gonna do? If I know the song?

Ask me.?

Yeah..that's the answer..

I'm screwed.

Welcome to my weekend.

Add a feverish toddler and served Chilled...


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