Weekend Recap Part I

The weekend started early.
Thursday to be exact.

Thursday was the show.
It was packed. It was good.
A nice mix of old friends, good music and fun.

Except for two tiny teeny details.

When it was my turn, I froze up on a verse. I went blank.

*gasp gasp gasp*
*think think think*

You'll see the beautiful video.
It was horrible.

But people applauded and I got my shizz together.

I finished as I could and good bye stage for that night.

The second tiny obstacle.
Was a gal pal.

A gal pal of True that was getting on my nerves.

She spent the whole night taking pics and being all lovey-dovey.
She ignored me all night and at the end, when she didn't have a choice she finally said hi.

Me and C were having a hard time containing ourselves. We both wanted to scratch her eyes out.

But I had to play nice.

I could take her little comments, her smile, her hugs...but she was starting to get on my nerves.

At 1am, after a drunken guy, a friend of the gal pal, took the stage and stammered the intellectual lyrics:

"Plo Plo Plo (trying to immitate gun fire), my kung fu style..blah blah"

we called it a night.

But as we were pulling out...gal pal made a run for it...tapping on the glass..

"You're leaving without saying goodbye"

Mind you her boyfriend was there.

I gave my best unapologetic smile.

which translated into: Haven't you had enough?? You spent the entire night on stage...taking his pictures, you hugged him...you've been all night on his grill...give me a break!!!!

But I remained calm..and I played nice.

"I'll stop by your job to buy some Cd's soon"..


Thank God True left right then and there.

I didn't say anything to True.
I didn't wanna spoil his night. Even though mine's was.

I spent the night. I had asked for the day off and while True worked, I spent the day with his mom. Later on I took Miss C to Chuck E. Cheese to spend a lil' mom and daughter time....

It was nice....It got my mind off chopping heads for a while.
Later we stopped by Vader's.
And I was quickly reminded why I don't go as often..

I quickly fled to my weekend home..True's.
While True was at Church, so I just chilled with my In Laws...who always make sure we are having a good time.....

Around 1am..we called it a night....
And I was still holding in Thursday's anger...

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