So, yesterday the School Book Fair began; which essentially is Nerd Heaven for Miss C and me.

Did I ever tell you we are book freaks??
Did I ever mention that Miss C, just like her mommy, has a HUGE collection of books and just can’t ever get enough?

Well anyhow, we spent the weekend looking over the little book fair pamphlet and had already made our order. So we decided to go in early to school to buy the books before the bell rang. We felt like we had died and went to heaven. The selection was awesome. Miss C immediately targeted her books: “Teacher’s Pet” and “Skippyjon Jones in Mummy Trouble”, but she also put her eyes on some book making kits and “I Spy” books. I on the other hand, quickly put my eyes on a Mo Williems book. I have always loved this award winning kids author but had never gotten around to actually buying some of his books and there in between Spongebob and Diego, was “Let me Drive the Bus!!”, one of his Pigeon Series books, for ONE DOLLAR!!!! ONE DOLLAR!!!

I immediately yanked it off the shelf.

After school, homework and some arts and crafts, we took our baths and settled in for some bed time reading. Of course, Miss C wanted urgently to read the Pigeon Book.

The Pigeon Series is about a stubborn as a mule Pigeon who wants to kind of always get his way and on top of all that has a real bad attitude when he can’t.  Williems books all have funny little quirky caracters intended to teach you a lesson.

I think we might share the same last name.

This particular book is about him wanting to drive the bus. The bus driver instructs the reader, that no matter what the Pigeon tells you, you should not let him drive the bus. The Pigeon of course, waits till the driver leaves and starts badgering the reader to be allowed to drive the bus…he stammers, he begs, he even bribes the reader with five bucks. In the end, he gets to upset, so mad, he throws himself on the floor, eyes bulging and red and screams at the top of his lungs: “LET ME DRIVE THE BUS!!”.

Now he's Autistic too.

Miss C was rolling on the bed. She thought he was hilarious. I, of course, explained to her that his actions were no good and that when an adult said you can’t do something you should obey this. Because after all, Pigeons, like children, cannot drive buses. She agreed. And all was well.

The next morning she asked for more money for more books. Addict in the most horrible way. I told her my funds on books were short, so she suggested she take the money out of her piggy bank, to which I agreed. But I explained to her, that she should purchase her book at recess and not open it during class. She agreed.

We got to school, late, as usual, and as I walked her up the stairs and passed the library (where the Book Fair) is being held, she yelled out: “Hey, my book, I wanna get my book”.

“Did you forget what we agreed on?”
“But, But, But, oh momma, oh please…please”.

Great. My very own Pigeon.
Art imitating life.

She screamed, she told me I was mean, bad, she stammered into class.
I put my foot down and in front of the class and teacher I laid the rules, “You don’t behave, there will be no more purchasing of books, you hear me?”

Now when did you ever think that taking away books would be a punishment??

She simmered down…pouted and sent me on my way. I gave instructions for no books if this carried on throughout the day.

And as I walked away to my car, I couldn’t help but laugh, almost out loud. Because even though this Pigeon is from Brooklyn, in every town, on every island, deep down inside I think, from time to time, we too, wanna drive the bus.

What bus do you wanna drive?

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