After a weekend of tears, adjustments, a baby shower for my best friend (Empress),a fish that nearly died (now he's an official Puerto Rican Nemo, a special needs fish with a small fin) and lots of 4/5 letter words that I am NOT going to repeat because I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about them, I put Miss C to bed and sat down to see some of the Olympic games...

After the gymnastics I decided to call it a night.  My brain had been engulfed in too much thinking at I needed to put it to rest.

I turned the night light on, and as I tried to find a pair of underwear that would not cut off my circulation, because let's face it, my thighs and ass aren't getting any smaller, Miss C was stirred. 

Her big wide eyes open and alert.

"Go back to sleep". 
She turned around and shut her eyes.
I turned off the light.

And as I made my way to bed, she called out for me...

"Mommy...!! Mommy!!"
Which is odd because she usually calls me "momma".

I lay beside her.

"Yes" I answered, trying to survive the stench of her dragon breath.  I love her to death, but the smell of that, is a no go.

"I love you mommy".

She hugged me and 15 seconds later, she was snoring.

And then there were two.

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