The cost of love

It's our 2 year anniversary.

Oh the joy.

I stood for what it seems like hours in the aisle for a card.

Very expensive cards.

When did love get so expensive?

If you get a 99 cents card that shows the cash register gal that you are a cheap girlfriend who couldn't give a shit and if you get a very expensive singing card, it proves you are a clingy clearly derranged girlfriend.

You can't win anyway, now can ya?

What card can sum up what I feel right now after two years, especially after these past few months of utter hell???

Oh this is a nice one:

"I love you and sometimes I want to hurt you".

I should consider writing for Hallmark.

Things haven't been the best in our relationship lately. Our engagment is kind of stuck in time and I don't have any real motivation to look into the whole wedding thing right now.

I still the love the man though.

And he's still by my side.

One of us is clearly sick.

We have no fancy plans, maybe a movie, food and hit the Gallery Festival tonight, without Miss C.

A grown up date.
We haven't had one in a while.

So what card did I pick?

An almost empty one. So that I can find the right words to tell him how I actually feel and not Hallmark.

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