Motherly Advice

The Devils...I mean children on the schoolbus where Miss C comes home on, are teasing her.

They are making her life a living hell.

She tells me they hit her, they pinch her and yesterday they mushed her face in.

I have tried calming her down and telling her that acting equally violent isn't the solution.

Yesterday the boys on the bus told me in a very teasing way..."she was pulling down her pants and showing us her underwear"....

I was upset. I cried. I am worried. I asked Miss C who taught her that and why she would do such a thing.

She cried.

No one had taught her.

Her answer was: "they bother me on the bus, these kids hit me and pinch me...they bother me".

I don't know if she thinks that pulling down her pants is a way of letting them have it...or if they are enticing her to do it...

Either way. It's worrying.

So I gave Miss C the best advice I could give her:

"Tomorrow when they hit you and bother you, you hit them defend yourself if no one is around to do it for you. You hear?".

It's not something I would like to have told her but:

My kid ain't gonna be bullied.
By no one.

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