Holidays Galore

So, the fat man who takes all the credit is gone. Only 20 more Holidays to go....

Ok. Not 20 but close to 10 more....

Christmas went by without any major glitches, just a child who kept screaming at the top of her lungs that Santa has forgotten a present or two or three...I kindly explained that he had left some of her list for 3 Kings Day, but she wasn't having it...

I ignored her for most of the afternoon, because that's what I do best.

She woke up at 7am on Christmas morning, wanting to open presents and me wanting a bed, a big bed.

I ended up playing V-Motion with her till about 9am and making swans with her new Bendaroos. She gets the toys and instructs us to play. Ain't she dear?

I spent Christmas at my house with my family and friends and was swell.

Christmas Eve was spent trying to avoid the rain, with a scarf over my head, speaking like a Columbian Gyspy reading "tarot cards" to family members.

I had never seen my aunt cry so much.

The next day, EVERYONE wanted a 'reading'.

I might have a part time in the psychic industry after all....

Miss C got a bike, she loves it, but hates to ride it, she commands that I push her every 5 minutes...

I hate the bike.
It wears me out.

She only rides it for 5 mintues at a time.

True says I need a bike.

I say bikes are the creation of the devil.

I may be right.

I've spent the rest of the days taking Miss C out, enjoying the time off and trying to get some sleep...all in has been good.

Santa even got me a new my old one has been put to rest.

and the new one has already been put to good use...enjoy!

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