Cheery O my Chap

Miss C has a way with words. Her Spanish not so good, she doesn't get the order and symantics of certain stuff; but her English, my Lord, her English is borderline perfect, I'd say even better than mine.

"Mother, did you know breakfast is a very important meal?"
"Mother, what did I tell you this morning? That we must be on our way to school now".
"Mother, do you know what?"
"You are my very best friend. Now drive".

She has a wonderful way with words.

In other spectacular news...I saw a WHOLE game last night. A WHOLE GAME WITH NO INTERRUPTIONS.

Miss C stayed over Vader's and I got to watch a game. A game we won!

It's the little things in life that are grand


In other non-related things.
Wednesday's we go to Vader's. Always. Everyone.
Bro, Gal, Miss C, True, my cousin and my Aunt.

We always sit,eat, make jokes, play boardgames, etc.

We talk about all sorts of stuff, politics, news, politics...

We had a few weeks ago talked about the Digital Era and how come Feb. 2009 everyone goes digital. Here in Puerto Rico, some boxes are going to be available for those who need them in order to watch digital tv.

So it seems my cousin (older adult cousin) is fixated on this and every single Wednesday for the past 9 years, all he talks about is this.

He doesn't just talk about it...he interrupts our conversations on other subjects to mention the damn Box and the Damn digital thing.

"So...did you hear that Hilary won the primary in so and so state yesterday?"
"Yes....I was also reading about the next primary state..."
"...did you guys know that the Box is gonna be available one per family".



"So, did you read about the Columbian Guerilla, that are demanding the government to free some members so that they can free their hostages..."
"Yes, I believe they are asking to free..."

::cut right the crap off::

"..did you know that the stars are complaining because with the digital era, their blemishes are gonna be more visible".

Jeeeeeeeeeeesuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuussssssssssss, these people don't use maybelline or covergirl...they have industrial makeup artists...get over it...

"So, how's Miss C doing in school?"
"Well..they were telling me the other days that she..."
" I get "I am legend", I didn't get that movie until this morning"

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this goes on, ALL NIGHT LONG.

I have to contain myself from the urge of wanting to hit him with a Digital Box over his head, because all he talks about is Boxes, and Cable and his nonsense commentary.

What do your relatives do that suck the joy out of your life?

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