When OCD is too much

Something happened this morning that all parents of children with Autism fear....


Imminent, horrifying, danger.

Some of our children have no real understanding of danger and situations where danger can lead to diaster...

This morning as I was getting Miss C out of the Van, (I was parked on the street near the school), her toy Pet Shop figurine fell in the lane of a heavily flooded avenue and she yanked away from my hand and went out to fetch it.

I flung around in terror as the corner of my eye saw my daughter kneel down in the middle of the street to grab her toy...and as she screamed "My lizard!!" I screamed even harder "Miss CCCCC!!!"

No cars were coming.

Only God knows what would have happened then.

I yanked her and scolded her all the way to the classroom.

Her only response:

"My toy lizard!!"

She didn't get it.
She didn't get she was kneeled in the middle of the main avenue.

She didn't get that I almost died of a heart attack and now think: what will happen when I don't turn around in time...?

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