Weekend Kickass

What do you want me to recap...??

That we lost this weekend series to Boston??? That we got our asses kicked.
That some dumb ass buried a Boston Jersey in the New Yankee Stadium to curse it, a la Bambino Style..?

That Miss C was so so behaved and that I was my cheery ol' self.

That my new nickname is "Little Miss Sunshine" (insert sarcasm here)
That I refused to do my hair all weekend long.
That I was a speaker at an Autism Conference held at a Mormon Church.

That I need some serious sleep.

That Miss C was being taught at sunday school all about the last supper and they gave them bread to eat and when they told her the grapejuice was the blood of Christ, she almost died...

"NOOOOOOO I don't drink Blood....NO Jesus blood!!!" insert gargling...throat noises here...

That later in the day she complained her arm hurt and I told her we would chop it off (sorry...we Puertorricans have a dark sense of humor) and she went haywire holding her arm because she thought I wasn't joking.

The kid is literal.
Bloody luck.

Did I mention the serious sleep part??
Did I mention we lost 2 out of 3 games?
That I sat with my yankees cap and screamed at the tv for almost 3 hours.
That I have a crush with Yankees new manager Giraldi...I think he's cute, not too competent, but cute.

We women, always suckers for suckers.

What have u been up to?

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