Into the workforce

I got a call yesterday.

For an interview this afternoon.

After a full week, a zillion resumes and three billion slices of chocolate cremé cake, an interview!

I was happy, but not too happy. Not good to get hopes up too soon.

My only dilema was: What to wear.

The climate here right now is hot and humid and offices aren't usually too on the formal side, unless it's a bank or something of that nature, dress attire is usually casual-dress. If that really does exist.

First off, I don't have any dress pants. I stopped buying dress pants, too expensive to have them tailored and trimmed. I can't find pants that fit nicely and that don't need half of the legs cut off due to my tall *cough* figure.

I own several summer dresses, too summery for a job interview.
Too many tank tops.
And definitely too many skirts.
I didn't realize how many I had until last night.

I didn't want to wear a skirt, because I didn't wanna show off my tattoo right off the bat...but it was either a skirt, or some capri jeans with a tank top that read:

"You suck and that's sad".

So I settled for a nice A line brown skirt, a burnt orange top and a jacket.

I'm not gonna go into too many details on the interview, though I'm dying too, but really, I get scared at the thought of who might be reading.

Let's just say, except for a couple of "yeah's" on my part, I think it went well. The benefits are great, but I'm not to thrilled, call it my sixth sense.

But if nothing else shows up, this might be my new job. So it might mean I'll need some pants pronto...and a hell of a good tailor.

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