Weekend Recap

Baseball is good. We sweeped this weekend. Unfourtunately I couldn't see any game because I was all over the place this weekend.

Running lots of errands, stretching my dollars and feeling mopey.

This job situation is looking bleak and I'm actually working more and with lesser time than when I was a full time employee.

Today I plan to do nothing.
I plan to ignore the gushing fluid that is leaking from the Death Van and I plan to sleep this afternoon.

I plan to eat nothing but chocolate cake and then cry myself to bed as I finally understand why Miss C calls me soft and fat.

It's one of those weekends, weeks and months.

I dropped the bottle of detergent this morning, breaking it and spilling half of it.
I forgot my wallet, license and money.
Had to turn around to Vader's to borrow 20 bucks.
I was late for my HUGE 4 HOUR work day.
And I'm just starving and groggy.

How are you managing?

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