doing something right

"Um..Miss C's Mom....Miss C is crying, she refuses to get on the bus, she wants her momma to pick her up".

I'm assuming it was a huuuuge mistake picking her up yesterday.

"Well, I can't, yesterday was an exception, I got out early".

"Well she's crying".

"Can you put her on the phone?"

"Sure..Miss C...momma's on the phone.."

"Hey baby...."

I hear her sniffles...and her baby voice answer..."Momma"

"Miss C, I need you to do me a favor, I need you to get on the bus, momma will come pick you up at the day care...can you be a big girl and do that for me..."


" ya".

And before I could finish she had run off to the bus.

"I don't know what you told her, but it's all resolved", her teacher said.

We hung up.

Later on I commented the situation to a friend of mine...

He said.."Wow...I'm proud of you".

"Proud, what for?"

"I'd be panicked if I heard my kid cry over the phone, all alone and scared. It's clear you've created a good bond with her. She trusts you. She believes in your words. Otherwise she would have kept crying".


"You've always come through with what you say. You have her trust and that's worth a lot".

Insert goofy smile of mom who loves her

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