Weekend Recap Part Deux

Although there was a small glitch in our afternoon.

True didn't correctly put the "P" on my Van...

Hence having it roll back almost into the street.

"Um..sis? Did you park you van that far back??"

"How far back?"

"Well, it's almost in the street?"


And there it was...

We were busy eating shrimp and my van could have just rolled back and killed a few hundred...

the funny part?

Yes, there is a funny part...

When we walked back to the pool area, we we (bro and I) were joking, "can you imagine, it would roll into the street and cause and explosion and we'd be sitting here eating steaks?"

chuckle. chuckle. chuckle.

His girlfriend interrupted..."WHAT?? IT EXPLODED??!! DID ANYONE GET HURT??".

that is all i'm saying.

I swear.

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