it's just one of those days...

It was pouring this morning...

I mean pouring.

Miss C and I made our way to school grounds.

Miss C with her raincoat and I with my umbrella.

Miss C stepped in a large puddled.

Completely soaked her socks.

"They are wet...they are wet!!" she whined.

"Ok..stay here.."

I make my way back to my car in hopes of finding an extra pair of socks in her bag.

I pull the handle of the sliding door.

It breaks off.

I have to squirm my way through the passenger door.

I try to open the sliding door from the inside.

It has a child lock.

Can't find socks.

Make my way back to Miss C.

Take her to class.

She is almost in tears because of her wet socks.

I take off her shoes.

They are drenched.


I make my way back to the Van.

Find crocs.

The strap on the left crocc is broken.

I tear off the strap of both of the crocs.

I go back to the class.

Take off her socks and shoes, put on her crocs.

My daughter puts her crocs on in delight.

They don't match her outfit AT ALL.

Teacher approaches.."Um...did she bring a's gonna be chilly in the room today".

Of course I didn't.

Go back to the rain..step in a mud mush....drop umbrella...try to look sane as I get inside my van and walk to the back...since her jacket was in the back seat and I can no longer open the sliding door.

Take jacket to class.

And proceed to try to go to work.

Call the first parts place for the replacement of the door handle...100 bucks..without labor..

Realize that my door handle will soon break off as well....

That'll be 200 bucks without labor.

Call second place...

100 for BOTH handles, without labor.

a tad more reasonable.

but doesn't make up for the fact that my morning was hell.

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