"Some women are like the Amazons from Greek mythology. Powerful no hold barred I can squash men with my feet kind of women. Women who feel they need no men in their lives. Women who don't like being put under the authority of men because they feel inferior. They are the women who don't think twice to open their mouths and offend and yell, among other things. Men, if you are in a relationship with an Amazon, evaluate if this relationship is worth pursuing."

-Something I heard yesterday, while True was sitting right next to me.

Part of me wanted to scream with joy and pride and raise my hand "Ooh ooh ooh that's me!! that's me!!, lookey there True, you're dating an Amazon!"

Part of me wanted to head for the hills.
Part of me wanted to quote Carrie Bradshaw in the latest installment of Sex & the City, "You said a mouthful there sister!"

Yet part of me was thrown into a "swirling vortex of terror" (taken from Finding Nemo)

I was an Amazon.

A warrior, a no holds barred woman.
But really, was there something wrong with that?
I mean, yes I understood the point behind the yelling and screaming and yes I know I can at times, be a total bitch to True.

I am not gonna defend myself on that point.

At Miss C's party I wanted to hold up the piƱata and Empress pointed out that why doesn't the man of the house do it, to which True replied:

"Because she doesn't let me be the man".

Is there any truth to that?
Am I taking True's manliness?

Part of me still longs for days of solitude, days where I can roam the empire that is my flat and prance around in my underwear and hog the remote and stereo.
Another part of me enjoys the weekends we spend together.

But I think all of me wants to be the boss.
It's hard not being.

I still feel certain higher rankings over my pad. I still feel I am the one in charge, of everything.

I've even become a little touchy on the Miss C issue.
I sometimes don't want his two cents.
Sometimes I feel like yanking the kid and saying "ya' know what? there is only room for one ringmaster, comprende?".

What is wrong with wanting to be the boss? of your house? where you pay the bills?

Yes, True has offered to help. He has helped in some areas. Maybe he would help more if I let him. But I feel that if I let him help out more, I'm giving him more turf to boss, make decisions and be partner.

I sort of like the Lone Ranger. A lot.

What do you mean it's wrong for a woman to be free? What do you mean that women need to have some male authority figure above them? What do you mean that women can 'help' out with the finances of the house, but that it's technically a man's job?

What do you mean that I can do all this and still retain my female power?

Give me the secret please.

In the era of female empowerment, why is there a need to feel we have to make our selves less in order to be loved more?

Would True love me more if I was less controlling, demanding, if I were more like our moms (not mine) who did everything the men suggested.

"Men do the big picture, women are good at details"

Whey can't we be good at both without being judged as control freaks or feminist "amazons".

Why can't female empowerment be viewed as a good thing.

I am not saying we don't need men. I am not saying Men are Scum. I am saying that we can be equal. We can do what the men do. It doesn't have to do anything with proving ourselves, it has to do with how times are.

If I didn't take on a man role in my house, fixing stuff, taking the car for repairs, who would've done it for me???

The invisible Man sitting on my couch?

Now I have a man, and it's hard asking for help, it's hard being the damsel in distress...

"Oh please prince, please rescue me from the pitfalls of darkness and screw in this 50 watt light bulb in my room!!"

When I can just stand on a freaking chair and put it there myself.

I will never be such damsel, to my dismay or to my sucess.

I will never limit myself to things just because I am a woman.
And frankly I don't know if I can submit myself to the authority of a man.

Especially if I'm doing my share of work.
What I do believe is in partnerships, in equal shares. In letting the other person be.

I may not be there yet.
Hell, I ain't there yet.
I am a Full Fledged Amazon. I may yell and scream and wanna do things my way, all the time (but that's a whole 'nother post). But I cook dinner, fix electronics, screw in the lightbulbs, wash the car and have tools.

And I ain't apologizing for that.

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