Happy 6th!

Yesterday was Miss C's 6th birthday. How times flies!

We didn't have anything grand planned, since what she really wants (Wall-E the movie) can't be done until the 27th. We decided to fill up the pool and invite our closest friends: Vader, Vietnam, Bro, V, Empress & Husband...for an afternoon of food and presents.

But just before that could take place, you know there had to be some drama. Vietnam knowing we were gonna fill up her pool and have the festivities outside, decided that 4pm (estimated guest arrival hour) would be a great time to clean the front of the house (where we were going to put up the pool), hose down the gate and have our cars removed outside of the garage so he could clean it up.

Needless to say I put my two cents in, in forms of utter screams of anger and promises of complete vengeance and he caved in and let us get on with the show.

I mean, sweet Lord, out of all the days!


After a close knit pool party and some hotdogs, we made our way upstairs to get ready for our guests. The guests arrived while Miss C was still the shower but she made sure to make her entrance with sunglasses and all. She quickly prompted where were her gifts and was delighted with all the stuff she got.

I suggested this year that instead of Littlest Pet Shop toys (which she got anyway), she'd get arts & crafts stuff (since I was gonna get her an Arts & Crafts station) and clothes. Only thing was that everyone was in sync with gifts and there were a few repeats.

Empress who always loves to take the title of "Kick ass" present of the year, was ludacris at the fact that V got Miss C the same exact gift. I, on the other hand was dismayed at the fact that V got Miss C the same exact Littlest Pet Shop toy I got her as a second gift.

V must be stopped. ::snicker:: Empress and I plotted our revenge during dinner, but a kidnapping over a box of Crayola Crafts sounded harsh. All jokes aside, V and everyone else were VERY generous with their gifts. Especially Empress who is making way for a new family addition...a baby girl named Kamila...but that's a whole nother' post...

Miss C was delighted with all her stuff including her PAINT which she immediately wanted to use.


Miss C wanted a piñata although there weren't any other kids, so I made one, which came out pretty darn cute (post pics later). We decided to make our way to the piñata session, which Miss C insisted should be broken with a stick, but with a baby on board (Empress) I didn't think it would be a good idea, so we just pulled the strings on the end of the sucker. Thing is, I made such a sturdy piñata, the sucker wouldn't break, so I "helped" it out a bit. Miss C was delighted with the toys and goodies.

Especially the Littlest Pet Shop toy I snuck inside.

Vader fixed up a nice dinner and we played some Pin the Tail on the Donkey (another request by Miss C). She was the first to go and pinned it right on the dot, which made us squeal in delight on how bright she was. Everyone but me that is. I had this kid, I know she is sly, so I made her go again. I placed the blindfold and sure enough, she positions it in a way that she can see. Either that or she is really gifted on knowing that there was another tail in her way and removed it in order to place hers.

The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.

We cut the cake and around 10pm everyone was gone.

I lay in bed with her as she smiled in delight.

"Mom I had fun. I had fun with my new family. I loved all my presents. Thank you mom".

No kiddo, Thank U.

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