So I had to suck it up. Miss C wanted to play "dolls".

::rolls eyes::

Ya' see I had to suck it up, because just like her mom, Miss C showed no interest in dolls whatsoever. Give her some clothespins and some toothbrushes and your play date is set.

So seeing her enthusiasm for a doll that has been lying in her toybox for two years, I decided to play along.

But alas, I was hoping the afternoon would be cut short. I mean, dolls, yuck.

The only dolls I liked were Barbies, as in my era Barbie. When Barbie was running for President and not sticking up 7-11's due to hooker dolls like The Brats who have stolen Barbie's thunder.

See Exhibit A and B.

So I'm sitting trying to pretend I'm having a gay ol' time...

"Yeah, wah wah wah, the babies are crying".

"Here mom, you can be a grandmom and give them food while I go out to work"

She gets on her tricycle and whips out her Elmo Cell Phone.

"I'm gonna make a call. What's that number again?"
"What number?"
"The animal number"
"What animal?"
She rolls her eyes.
"You know, my friend. The talking animal. The talking animal cat".

Ok kid, delusional games, now you're talking.

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