The Yankees are sucking. Sucking so bad that the other days, ESPN was giving a game (which is very rare) and I prefered watching "American Beauty" which I've watched before like 3 times.

Joba made his debut as starting pitcher last night, and poor ol' Joba sucked. Poor Kid. 22 and sucked at his first game.

Put your head on my shoulder I'll make you some hot chocolate. That is, after I beat your hands with a stick to see if we can get some circulation goin'.

As for us, I'm still on a working hiatus, Miss C is counting down the days until her birthday (next Wednesday) and I'm trying new ways to stretch out my savings, like living in a dark home to reduce the ridiculously priced energy bill.

"Momma I need a light for the bathroom".
"No you don't sweetie just feel yourself around and squat".

I also have some new 'fans'. I'm having people talk behind my back.

Saying I'm a waste of talent, that I'm a fake Christian and that I dance with the Devil.

It's all very funny to me until I feel the urge to rip someone's head off.
The funny part, the 'fans' doing the talking are men.
Men who don' t have the balls to tell it to my face.

I've taken action on the matter and stirred up some people with some commentary.

I too can play hardball, without losing my class.

As far as dancing with the Devil, Jesus does a much better tango.

what's up witchu?

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