Everyone can't be happy

Having parents separted/divorced on bad terms is horrible.  It's like you have to literally tear yourself in two to make everyone happy; throw in some marvelous in laws and now you're totally screwed for Holidays.

Me and Vader have had a very shaky relationship every since we moved to Puerto Rico when I was 15. She was once my Best Friend and then she turned into something unrecognizable, heck, she turned into Vader.

Me and Vietnam, well we've never had a relationship.  We try to kill each other each second we get.  He's been a bit nicer since Miss C was born and I got divorced and after his stick up on Friday we've been very civil.

Vader's family is awesome.  I have always loved hanging out with them more.  Even though they are more on the humble side, I prefered them a thousand times over the luxury of Vietnam's family.

Nam's family always had a way of making me and my mom feel thirdworld women, degrading us, making us feel very inferior.  Always making comments on how much they spent on this and that, how much they have and how much we don't.

After Miss C the conversations were about how bad the little kid had it and how it must suck that I could no longer follow my dreams.

I banned them from my life.  I ocassionally visit my Grandmother who lives like 3 minutes away 2 every six months.

So, Vader and the fam are going out West this weekend. They rented a pad out near the beach (they do it every year) and have invited me, True and the Kid.  Bro and V are going as well.  I quickly said "Yes".  I needed to get the hell out of the Metro Area and for free, "Hell Yes".

So we are staying one night and now Nam is upset.
He invited me out East next weekend to my Uncle's vacation spot.

Puritan Uncle who I have not seen in years.
I don't go freeload on people I don't co-relate with.

Especially those folks.
And Sunday, (the day Nam wants to go), True is going to Minister for the First time in church and we can't miss it!!
So I suggest Saturday, Nam has errands to run.
Nam suggests Friday, I am not going Friday without any back up for Miss C while I drive or while I'm there.

I did that once for Nam's company party and I am not doing it again. (I'm sure there is a post around that somewhere, but I am just too lazy to find it)

So now Nam is upset, says I don't wanna hangout with him, when I have invited him numerous times to the beach, shopping, park, and he says "no" because he really needs to rake the leaves out back or wash some socks.

So that's my dilema.

How do I plan to solve it? I wrote him a letter. Because words with him are impossible.

But at the end of the day I hang out with whom I want and if some people don't like it, well, then too bad.

Have a good one folks!!

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