No place like home

I've been crashing at True's Parent's house for the past week, since my Van is in the Repair Shop, yet again.

True's parents are awesome. They take care of my kid, make sure I eat a decent meal and his mom always makes sure my room is full of pillows and fresh sheets.

What I can't stand: The heat.

The ohmyfrigginlord heat.

The room I sleep in has 4 windows, 3 of which don't open.
True's room has one window, which is almost always closed.
Their living room has 4 windows, which True's Mom doesn't open.
Their room doesn't even have windows I believe.

Their bathroom DOESN'T HAVE WINDOWS!!

And they have no A/C.

I don't mean to sound like a snob but I can't sleep without A/C in a hot as hell house.

And I sure as hell can't shower in that house without going mad.

By the time I finish taking a shower and get dressed in the bathroom, sweat is rolling down my forehead.

And I am NOT a sweatin' kind of gal.

They have a huge gigantic fan they don't use because, get this: it blows air too hard.

So I kidnapped the fan into my room.

"Are you sure you wanna use that fan? It is very powerful".
"I mean I can get you a lighter fan"
"No, don't worry."
"Really it is not a problem, because it blows very hard and we can never use a fan like that. The one in the family is lighter".
"Look, trust me, I appreciate it, but I'm gonna tough it out on this one. I'll risk loosing my eyelashes for a good night rest".

So, it's hot.

Yesterday I commented to Vader how the flesh below my shoulder blade hurts and it is bruised. But I had no idea how. When I went to bed last night, a spring from the mattress bulged out and almost perforated my blade.

Now I know where the bruise came from.

At 1am when I went to pick up True from work (something I have to do if I wanna use his car during the day), we drove home real quick to pick up some paperwork I needed for a psychological re-evaluation they were performing on Miss C today. As I took all my paperwork, I stood in my bedroom and felt homesick. The house already smelled like empty.

I grabbed my pillow and made my way back to True's.
It seems no matter how nice I'm treated and how good I have it at someone else's house, there is no place like home.

A cooler, A/C bedroom, Serta mattress home.

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